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Amethyst Class

Welcome to our class page! We are the Year 6 children at Hetton Primary School and our teacher is Mrs Foster.

STEM Fortnight

Welcome to STEM Fortnight.  Over the next two weeks the children are going to be learning about everything Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

We will begin our topic with a visit from Professor Onesmith, visit the University of Sunderland, make neurons and perfumes and find out about healthy diets.

In English, the children we will be using a film called The Alchemist's Letter and you can view the film using the link below. 

Friday 15th March

We have had another amazing week this week.

As part of our STEM learning around electrical journeys.

We found out about how our body uses electricity to send messages around our body through neurons in our nervous system.

The children also mixed essential oils to make their very own perfume.

Friday 8th March

We have had an amazing first week for STEM Week.

Hope you enjoyed the children telling you all about Professor Onesmith and how they made slime and bath bombs.

The children were amazing during our visit to the University of Sunderland and enjoyed finding out about what they could do i the future.

This week the children have made neurons and have investigated the channel tunnel - they used lots of their math skills to find out all about it.

Later in the week, the children investigated static electricity and made newts fly just like in Roald Dahl's Matilda!

All Dressed Up!

This term, Amethyst Class are learning about the Maya People who lived in Central America. 

At the end of the topic we would like to invite you into school for a banquet and to see some of the lovely things the children have made.

Please can you support your child in creating a costume for the day?

Friday 1st March

Thank you so much everyone for sharing our celebration afternoon for the end of our topic.

The children enjoyed making the hot chocolate, salsa and tamala's for you - hope you enjoyed them!

Everyone has enjoyed the topic.  I have put some pictures below from our amazing afternoon.

Friday 25th January

This week the children have been working hard on their Lego Stem Challenge.  

They have gone into orbit and designed a solution to a problem in space.

Blow you can see the children using computing to show their team work and presentation skills to share

the solution they have created.  Look out next week for some of the presentations they have made.

Friday 18th January

We have had such a busy week this week and the children have worked so hard.

In math, we are learning to multiply and divide fractions as well as revising the 7 times table.  Ask the children about Percy Parker!

In English, we have been finding out about persuasion and looking at famous speeches from history.

As part of PE, the children have been learning and creating their own Maya dance.  You will get to see the whole performance on our banquet day.

Friday 11th January 2019

A massive well done to all of the children in Amethyst Class.  They have worked so hard this week and have done amazingly well in their practice SATs.

In class, we have continued our learning around the Circulatory System and the children have been very confident using scientific vocabulary to explain what they know.

Today, the children were learning about the parts of the heart.  

Look at the pictures below to see how the children got on dissecting a lambs heart to help them with their learning.  Luckily, no one was sick!

From the Beginning ...

We have begun our new topic this week and will be looking at the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age .

Where would you prefer to live?

Friday 12th October 2018

We have continued learning about the Bronze Age this week and how Bronze is made.  The children have found out about the Beaker People Culture in art and they have used their investigation to design and make their own beakers.

What fun we have had with the clay this afternoon!  Sorry about the clothes but I am sure it does wash out.

Here are some pictures of all of the children having fun this afternoon.

Friday 5th October 2018

This week we have moved on from learning about the Stone Age to the Bronze age.  The children have enjoyed learning about how people in the Bronze Age made bronze and used it to make better tools which helped to improve their farming.  Look out for some bronze age axes coming home soon!

Times tables: in math this week, Amethyst Class have started to look at multiplication and we will soon be moving onto division.  Please help the children learn their times tables facts as they will need to use this information nearly every day until at least Christmas. 

It has been harvest this week and the children have been investigating how farming changed throughout the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.  We have been amazed at some of the technologies which were invested during this historical period (ask the children all about it).

The children created their own posters about farming in the ages they were investigating and they were amazing sharing their presentations with the rest of the school.

Friday 28th September 2018

This week we have been exploring the stone age and finding out about some of the changes which took place during this time.  The children have used their math skills to round of the dates of the key events and they wrote a letter to convince Mrs Hill that the Neolithic Stone Age was best - ask them what they think.

The children were given a team challenge to build a Mesolithic and Neolithic house from the stone age and they have investigated some replica stone tools (see the pictures below).

Well done to all of Amethyst Class who are doing really well on Reading Plus and making considerable improvements in their reading fluency and comprehension.

We now have some Year 6 Sports Leaders too!  Well done to those who have worked hard and been the best they can be in the 2 days of training they have completed this week.

Friday 21st September 2018

This week in science, the children have been learning about inheritance and the characteristics they received from their parents.  As part of the activity, the children had to create a child based on the Mr Men and Little Miss characters.  They chose characteristics from both 'parents' to create the 'child'.

After this, the children were challenged to write a scientific explanation of what their drawings were showing.  Below is some amazing work, with super science vocabulary and perfect presentation.


Definitely Disney

We have had a fantastic two weeks back beginning with our Definitely Disney topic.  The children have enjoyed using Inside Out as the foundations for the topic including their English work. 


Friday 14th September 2018

Today, the children have used online drawing tutorials to learn how to draw the characters from the film.  All of the drawings will be displayed in school and I will let everyone know when they are up so that you can pop in to see there work.

Some of the children's drawings from today.
Some of the children's drawings from today.