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Welcome to our class page!

We are the Reception children at Hetton Primary School and our teacher is Miss Routledge.

christmas tree.png holly.jpg  It's Christmas!  holly.jpgchristmas tree.png

December 2018 

Throughout December we had a naughty elf visit our classroom.

 We had a class vote and it was decided we would call him Fred the Elf. 

Each morning we would come in and Fred would be doing something silly in the classroom. 

Wednesday 19th December 2018 

Today Diamond class preformed their own version of the baby shark song called 'Winter Time'  to some of their friends and family. 

The children were great at remembering the actions and are fabulous singers. 

Well done Diamonds! 

Tuesday 4th December 2018

Today was a very exciting day in Diamond class as we went and posted our letters to Santa! 

The children worked really hard yesterday to write their letters, then they sealed them and put a stamp on.

Today we had a walk up to the local post office to send them off. The children were so excited, fingers crossed he replies!

Monday 3rd December 2018 

Welcome to the Santa's Workshop!

Our role play area has been transformed into Santa's Workshop for the next few weeks, the children were so excited today to go in and explore. 

 globe.jpg From A to B globe.jpg

Friday 30th  November 2018 

For the last few weeks our theme has been 'From A to B'. Diamond class decided to look at our home town of Hetton, calling our topic 'Welcome to Hetton' 

Over the last few weeks we have completed lots of work on our families, the history of Hetton and this week we looked at a variety of houses, discussing the different types of places people can live. To link with this we looked at the story of the three little pigs.

In Diamond class we love story maps so after a few sessions of discussing the book we worked as a group to create a story map of the story. This story map really helped the children to visualise the story in a different way and allowed them to retell it adding in extra details that they may have forgotten if they had told it by memory. 

bonfire sparkler.png Bonfire Night bonfire sparkler.png

Monday 5th November 2018 

In celebration of Bonfire night, we held our own bonfire celebration this week. In preparation, this morning the children worked hard to collect sticks for our pretend bonfire, they placed them around the centre of the garden to create our camp fire area. This afternoon we all gathered around it to hold our special bonfire party. As in the story ‘Sparks in the Sky’ we played games, ate hotdogs, drank hot chocolate and lit some sparklers. Before lighting the sparklers, we recapped the safety instructions that we had learnt last week, to ensure we were safe when using our sparklers. The children and the adults had a fab afternoon.

Safety Week 

Tuesday 30th October 2018 

This week in school is safety week.

As a result of this we had a visit from the firefighters working in the area. They started the talk by telling us the importance of having a fire alarm in our house; we discussed what we should do if we noticed a fire in our house and what number we could call. The men then showed us around their fire engine, explaining what everything was and how it all works. It was great and the children loved it!

 Monday 29th October 2018 

Last half term Diamond class won the best attendance from the whole school! Wow and well done!

As a reward for thier amazing attendance, the children were allowed to choose something that they would like to do as a treat. After holding a vote within the classroom, the children chose a pyjama party involving pyjamas, a movie and a snack. This afternoon we held this pyjama party in our classroom; we brought in the sofa and lots cushions and got all cosy ready to watch a film. The children used their name rocks to make a vote on which film they would like to watch and after counting up the votes, Cars 2 had won the majority. The children then all settled down and watched the film with a cake and some juice. They all loved it! Let's see if we can win this half term too Diamonds :) 


Thursday 18th October 2018 

 Sadly this week our Dinosaur topic has come to an end. The children have loved learning about them and I am so impressed with the information they have retained. As we did at the start of the topic we created a poster about what we now know about Dinosaurs. The progress shown from the first poster that we did is amazing, with the children now using key vocabulary associated with Dinosaurs. The children know understand what carnivores and herbivores are, they are able to name various dinosaurs and their features and also know what the word extinct means.

Friday 5th October 2018

This week we looked at the story ‘Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp’, we really enjoyed reading the book and learning what the Dinosaur’s got up to at the party.

We wanted to create some music for the dinosaurs at the stomp so on Friday afternoon we got out the musical instruments. We worked together to create some music and had a bit of a boogie to the sounds that we made. 

It was so fun!

Wednesday 26th September 2018

This week our focus text has been ‘How to Grow a Dinosaur’

The children enjoyed reading the story and seeing how Albie grew a jungle, a jelly bean tree and lots of Dinosaurs in his back garden. We used the steps in this text to grow our own Dinosaur.

The children worked hard by planting the special seed mix into a pot with soil. The next day when we came into school a Dinosaur egg had grown.

The children were super excited making lots of predictions about the type of Dinosaur that might hatch. 

As a result, we decided as a class that we needed a nest for our egg to grow in; Mrs. Woodhall took the children out to the field where they built a big nest for our egg.

Well done Diamond class - it looks fantastic!

Monday 17th September 2018

 This week in Diamond class we started our new topic of 'Dinosaurs.'

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at Dinosaurs in lots of detail and reading various stories about these amazing creatures. 

We started off this week by creating a mind map of all the things we already knew about Dinosaurs.  I was super impressed with the knowledge Diamond class already knew about Dinosaurs and I'm so excited to see this knowledge expand further in the upcoming weeks. 

toy story .jpg   Definitely Disney monster.jpg

Thursday 13th September 2018

To continue with our Disney theme, this week we looked at the book Toy Story. In our craft lesson we decided to make Mr and Mrs potato heads out of real potatoes. The children really enjoyed this activity and worked really hard to make their potato unique. A brilliant effort from everyone!

Thursday 6th September 2018

This week in diamond class we have focused our learning on the story of Monsters Inc. In our Literacy lessons we have been looking at the different characters in lots of detail. We decided as a craft activity that we would make Mike Wazowski out of a paper plate. The children had lots of fun making these and I think they look amazing up on our wall! 

Well done Diamonds!