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Opal Class


Welcome to our class page! We are mixed Year 4 and Year 5 at Hetton Primary School and our teacher is Miss Oldroyd.


All dressed up...

Thursday 10th January

Today we wrote character descriptions for 'Razvani the Fire Fiend' from our class novel. 

Have a read of some amazing examples!

Wednesday 9th January

This term we have started our new topic The Shang Dynasty Civilisation.

In Literacy we started our new novel The Firework Makers Daughter by Phillip Pullman.

We are really enjoying the story so far, ask us some questions about it.


We will remember them...

Monday 5th November

This week we imagined that we were soldiers during WW1 and wrote letters back to our loved ones. 

Some were uplifting and positive, some were heart-breaking, all of them were absolutely fantastic!

I am so proud of the level of maturity the children brought to their letter writing, well done Opal Class.


Here are a selection of our letters - click on the image to read them.


From the Beginning...

Wednesday 3rd October

This week in History we went back in time to Anglo Saxon and Viking Britain.

We created our own news reports on the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne Monastery.

Watch our videos below to find out all about the dreadful attack!

Friday 28th September

This afternoon we produced some amazing artwork of Viking Longships.

In Literacy we have been reading Viking Boy by Tony Bradman, ask us about the story! 

In a few weeks we will be writing our own Viking stories, we hope you look forward to reading them.

Thursday 20th September

This  week we started our new topic learning about the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings.

We worked as a class to produce this piece of artwork which we are all very proud of!



Definitely Disney

We have really enjoyed learning about ‘The Lion King’ as part of our Definitely Disney topic.

The children have produced some wonderful work in the last 2 weeks.

A wonderful start to the new school year, well done Opal Class! 

Displaying some of our incredible African sunset artwork.

Thursday 13th September

This week children in Opal Class have been focusing on descriptive writing in English.

Have a read below of some of the wonderful pieces of writing we have produced.

The Lion King by BW

In the scorching lands of Africa, the glistening exquisite horizon was dazzling on the beautiful thrilled animals, from a bug on a leaf to a wildebeest herd. Majestically, Mufasa, the strong, powerful lion king waved his stunning hairy mane to tell the amazing creatures that the new lion king was born! Zazu, the glamorous bird, soared swiftly into the air with wingspan as amazing and beautiful as the icy mountains in the distance. The considerate animals were surrounding the 10000 feet tall rock, Pride Rock where Mufasa and the royal family live. Rafiki, the wise baboon, was walking down the miniature path to praise the new king, Simba. Rafiki splashed some grape fruit on Simba’s beloved head and held him up gracefully for the whole kingdom to see the new born king. 


The Lion King by JR

The glittering sun beamed across Pride Rock while the animals raced across the land like a racing car to see the cute cub. The birds flew over the exquisite waterfall and the elephants stomped through through the diamond blue water. When the animals came to Pride rock they saw the flaming red main of Mufasa. Rafiki the baboon slowly walked up to the lovely cute cub and put grapefruit on the Cubs head. Meanwhile, Rafiki held the cub in his hands and proudly told the kingdom “his name is Simba!” All of the animals stomped around in joy for Simba.