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Ruby Class

Welcome to our class page! We are the Year 2 children at Hetton Primary School and our teachers are Mrs Woodhall and Mrs Medhurst.

All Dressed up!

This half term we are learning about Florence Nightingale - a significant person from our History who had a big impact in her time and who has influenced how our lives are today. 

Pictures of Florence Nightingale

Our Florence Nightingale Showcase.

On Thursday 28th February we showcased all of our Florence Nightingale learning to our grownups.  We performed our Florence song and our Florence dance where we used movement to tell Florence's story.  We also lead our grownups, by lamp light, into our classroom where we bandaged them up and showed them all of our amazing work.  We then took our grownups  into the hospital canteen and served them vegetable soup (which we had made ourselves) and a glass of water just like the injured soldiers in Scutari Hospital would have had.  We loved sharing our learning with our grown ups and we think they were super impressed with us and our knowledge of Florence.  



4th February 2019

Here are a couple of our first drafts.  Our knowledge about electricity safety is super!


27th January 2019

In science we are learning about electricity so that we can make a simple circuit to make a lamp like Florence Nightingale used.  This week we have made sure we understand the safety rules surrounding electricity.  We used lots of different sources of information to find out and learn the rules and we looked at lots of different examples of safety posters before we made our own.  Come and look in our science books to see the posters we designed and ask us how we stay safe around electricity.  We will post some pictures when they are all finished.

Stay safe when around ELECTRICITY!


24th January 2019

In History Ruby Class are learning so much about Florence Nightingale.  Ask us about all the facts we know.  You will be surprised by what we can tell you.  In Art we are looking at portraits and we are using Florence as our inspiration.  We have drawn portraits in pencil and in chalk and we have looked at the work of Picasso and we have drawn portraits in blue and red tones to replicate his cold and warm period of art and we have also looked at his Cubism work and made Cubism portraits of Florence.  We had great fun doing this although we are not sure our finished portraits resemble Florence much.


10th January 2019

We started our learning watching Magic Grandad.  Before we watched this short film nobody in Ruby Class knew anything about Florence other than she lived a long time ago. After we watched the short film we knew lots and everybody is now curious and excited to find out more. We can't wait for our next History lesson.  Watch this short program here to find out all about Florence.  

Magic Grandad - Florence Nightingale

Pictures of Florence Nightingale


From A to B

5th November 2018

This week the whole school have based their English work on the  Cbeebies poppy film linked to Armistice Day.  Each class watched the film and produced their own piece of writing based on how they interpreted the film.  Ruby class told the story through the eyes of the rabbit and produced some excellent, emotive pieces of writing.  Here is a peek at one piece of writing from Ruby Class.  Pop into our class to see more or have a look in our Poppy themed porch.  Follow this link to watch the video clip . 


Autumn 2: 29th October 2018

We started this new half term with Safety week where we learnt about all kinds of safety.  We learnt about Fire Safety with a super visit from the Fire Brigade.  We learnt about animal safety with a super talk about being safe around dogs and Ruby Class focused their English work for the week on Road Safety and The Green Cross Code.  Look in our English Books for some of the super instructions we wrote.

The Great Fire of London


Wednesday 17th October 2018

This term Ruby Class have been learning all about The Great Fire of London.  We know so much about the event and what happened and we have really enjoyed all our learning about this significant event in our History.  We ended our learning by creating our own Pudding Lane, the street in which the Great Fire started. We really enjoyed combining the different materials and measuring the black strips accurately to create our houses.  We think out Pudding Lane looks amazing!

Our Unexpected Post

Thursday 11th October 2018

Today Ruby Class received some unexpected post. It was a letter from Kensington Palace.  

Last term, when we were all Year 1, we designed and made Wedding Cards for Harry and Meghan and Miss Thornes sent them to the Palace.  Today we all received some special post and when we opened the envelope we all had our own individual replies for Kensington Palace and The Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  We were so excited and so pleased that they loved our cards.  We couldn't believe it....our own post from Royalty!  We are all going to treasure our replies. 

Our visit to St Michaels and All Angels Church

Tuesday 25th September 2018

In class, Ruby Class have been learning all about some of the religious features  and artifacts that can be found inside a church and how they link to the Christian religion.  We visited St Michaels and All Angels church in Easington Lane on 25th September to see if we could find all the features we had been learning about in class inside a real church.  We had a super visit and the church was amazing.  Graham helped us find out even more about churches.  Ask us what we know - we will surprise you with our super knowledge!

Definitely Disney

Wednesday 12th September 2018

For the first 2 weeks of term, all of our Year 2 work has been linked to the fantastic Disney film 'Toy Story.'  In science we looked at how we could make Buzz Lightyear fly.  We used balloons and string, using the force of the air coming out of the balloons, to make Buzz fly.  This was super fun but we decided what Buzz really wanted was his own rocket so he could fly 'to infinity and beyond!' Today, we designed and made rockets to help Buzz Lightyear fly 'to infinity and beyond!' Have a look at our creations.  We think Buzz would love them all.