Moorsley Road, Hetton le Hole, Houghton le Spring

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Rota Kids

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Our Rota Kids are:

Amelia (Class 3), Sophie (Class 3), Daniel and Faith (Class 4), Jayke (Class 5) and our Mini Senior Leadership Team.


President: Anya

Vice: Faith

Secretary: Ella

Hetton Primary School is now recognised by the Rotary Club of Hetton-le-Hole with the setting up of: ROTA KIDS!


RotaKids  is an exciting way for those 12 and under to lead and engage in important, lively activities that will make a positive difference in  their school, in their local community and globally. At the same time RotaKids develop the ability and confidence to take up their place in society as responsible, successful, effective citizens both now and in the future.
It is sponsored by a local Rotary Club in or near the town in which the school or group is located. It is chartered through RIBI. 
As citizenship is part of the school curriculum this is an opportunity for Rotary to support and expand the work already happening in school. The decisions made always involve the RotaKids.  Jobs for fundraising or service projects can be divided up between the class in lesson times.  This develops team work.