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Welcome to Reception (Emerald Class) 2021 - 2022


What an amazing week we have had.  Last week we noticed that the children were playing the dinosaurs a lot in our small world and were very inquisitive about their names, what they ate and where they lived.  This week we started to help them answer some of their questions.  We have looked at lots of different dinosaurs and we have started to learn their names.  We have learnt about carnivores and herbivores and how to recognise these dinosaurs by their features.  We also looked after and cared for our own dinosaur eggs and watched them hatch to find our very own baby dinosaur.  


Look at some of our amazing independent writing.  It looks amazing on our classroom wall.


We have explored our Learning Environment and we are beginning to find out what interests us all and what we like to do.


Wow!  All of our children have had an amazing first week.  They have come to school with smiles.  They are inquisitive, enthusiastic and full of curiosity.  They are friendly, caring and ready to learn and they love our school lunches.  

We will update this page regularly with some of the lovely things we are doing in Reception so please keep checking.