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Welcome to Reception (Diamond Class) 2021 - 2022

W/b 10.1.22 Animals in Winter

This week we have been learning about animals in winter and all about hibernating.  We used hedgehogs to learn lots about hibernating.  We made our own hedgehogs and we learnt about what they need to hibernate all winter.  We made out own hibernation homes for our hedgehogs and made sure they were warm and cosy. Reception should be so proud of the language they can use to talk about their learning this week - warm, cosy, hibernate, winter, breathe slowly, save energy, curl up tight! Amazing vocabulary Reception.

We also thought about how birds find food in the winter.  We made bird feeders to make sure the birds in our school grounds have food in the winter.  We loved checking each day to see if they had been eaten.

When we were out in our outdoor area we found a GIANT worm.  We were very surprised as we thought there would be no worms around with it being winter.  We wanted to protect the worm from our feet and from the birds as we had given the birds lots of food with our bird feeders.  We carefully protected the worm with sticks and pipes.  Harry said it was 'Super worm' so we watched the film of Super worm and listened to the story.  We were brilliant at joining in.

This week we have been learning all about 5.  We are really good at our number bonds to 5.  This is because we learnt them playing some super games.  We can write our bonds to 5 and we can even give the hidden number in a number bond!

Look at some of the other things Reception have been up to this week.

Welcome to Spring 1 and Happy New Year - w/b 4.1.22

It was lovely to see the children's happy smiley faces after the Christmas holidays and to hear about all the lovely memories they have been making with their families over the holiday.


We spoke a lot about the holidays and about the New Year and we learnt about the importance of 12.00 on New Years Eve.  

In class we have been learning about winter.  We went looking for signs of winter in our school environment using our senses to see what we could find out.  We saw bare trees, frost and ice and we heard the ice crunch under and feet and we heard the wind blowing and we were so lucky that on the day we went exploring it snowed - now this is a real sign of winter! We loved seeing our breathe in the cold air and were fascinated about why this happened.

We looked at people who live in the cold all of the time.  We built a big igloo from card and made sure we were dressed warm and we were cosy when we were inside. We also make igloos out of marshmallows and flour and cottonwool balls.  This was super fun!

Ice Ice Ice - we loved exploring ice!  We looked at how it feels, if it floats, how to make to melt and what putting ice into water does.  We talked about how sometimes people in really cold places need to fish in icy water and we set ourselves the task of making the best floating boat to let people fish in cold, cold waters.  We tried one design and then amended it until we had a design that kept the people dry and safe!

We loved the ice so much we all experiment with how we could pick up some ice with a piece of string!  This fascinated us at first and we had so many different goes but it was really tricky.  Mrs Atkinson taught us the 'magic trick' and look what we all could do!  If you ask us we might share our magic secret.

We also explored different ways of making our own snow.  We had super fun - following instructions, measuring, mixing and working together but we decided the real thing is much more fun! We were sad the snow that came this week didn't stay long enough for us to play in it.

We also learnt about dressing warm for the winter and practised putting on our own hats and coats ourselves.  We are doing super!

w/b 13.12.21 It's Christmas in Reception!

We have reached the end of our first term in Reception and what a term it has been.  We have settled well, made new friends and worked so hard on everything we have been asked to do.  All of our grown-ups (at school and at home) are super proud of us and we are super proud of ourselves. We can all write our names and we now know so many letters and sounds that we are all beginning to read and write! We are also amazing at our numbers - subertising superstars!


We have ended this term in style!  

We performed our Nativity songs for our grown-ups outside round the tree.  We also sent home a surprise video of our performance so our grown-ups could watch us again.  We learnt songs and actions and through our performance learnt all about the Nativity Story and the true meaning of Christmas.

We had a super Christmas Party.

We had a special visit from a very special man!

And we were all glad to hear we were on his good list!

We had a lovely afternoon playing traditional board games learning how to play together, how to turn take, how to win and how to loose. It was lovely and we all loved playing the different games which Mrs Medhurst choose to help us develop our fine motor skills  - sneaky but fun!

And we did lots of Christmas crafts and tasks to develop our cutting skills and our pencil grip and our problem solving skills.  Our grown-ups loved the Christmas gifts we took home for them.

We even got a reply back from our Santa letters Mrs Hamilton posted using her special North Pole stamp.  We took these home to share with our grown-ups.

We ended our week with a super pantomime in the hall.  Ask us all about it - we giggled, laughed, shouted and sang our hearts out!

w/b 6.12.21.  It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This week Reception have well and truly started feeling festive. We have started working on some lovely Christmas projects but for now we are keeping these a secret 🤫🤫🤫until next week but they will be well worth the wait!

We have done our Santa dash this week which was super fun! We loved wearing our Santa hats with our Christmas jumpers. 

We jogged round the yard for our Santa dash. It was great fun. 

We also enjoyed Christmas lunch this week. It was so delicious. We all made sure we used our super manners and said Please and Thank-you when we were given our lunch and we said an extra big Thank-you to our school cook after our lunch because it was so delicious. 

For the last few Fridays we have been working with Lauren from Active Families. We have been working on developing our fitness, coordination and our movement skills. We have worked on our running, skipping, hopping and balance. We have had great fun and Lauren is really impressed with how much progress we have made. 

In among all of the Christmas activities we have been working on our writing and we have started to write simple sentences using sounds that we know. We used Stick Man by Julia Donaldson to focus our writing on. We talked about finger spaces and full stops too. We all did some amazing writing.  Our super writing this week had been shared on Evidence Me so all our parents can see our amazing writing. 

We have also been developing our maths learning by learning about parts and whole. We have done this using Mr Potato head, jigsaws, Stick man pictures and pictures of our bodies. Next week we will start looking at part / whole models using numbers. 

w/b 29.11.21 - The Christmas Story

This week we have been learning all about why we give gifts and the significance of giving gifts at Christmas.  We talked about how we feel when we get gifts and about when we should say 'Thank you' and why this is important. We also talked about how people think hard about the gifts they give us and they give us them because they think we will like them so even if it is not the exact gift we would have liked we need to show appreciation.

We then learnt about The Christmas Story and how Jesus was given as a gift.  We were all amazing at sequencing the key parts of the story and orally retelling the story using our new vocabulary - angel, Bethlehem, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Wise Men, manger, star, traveled, camel, donkey.

We also received a special message off Santa saying he was checking which boys and girls have been good so he can start packing his sleigh.  All the children in Reception decided they had been super good.  We wrote our own letters to Santa using our phonics to tell him how good we have all been.  Mrs Hamilton posted them for us with her special North Pole stamps - we hope Santa gets them and puts us on the right list.

We have loved reading our Nativity story books in our reading area.

In maths we have been learning about squared and rectangles.  Ask us some facts about them and we can tell you - we are shaped super stars!!!!! We also looked at the work of Mondiran and how made art with squares and triangles.  We used is work to learn about primary colours and we can tell you that red, blue and yellow and primary colours and that primary colours are the colours you can't make.

Snow, snow, snow

This week we were also lucky enough to get some snow and Reception love nothing better than adventures in the snow followed by some hot chocolate to warm us up.

We loved running the the snow where no-one had walked!

And the hot chocolate after was yummy!

w/b 22.11.21 - The Zoo Vet

This week we have been watching our new school start to take shape.  We have loved peeping through the shaped windows and watching what is happening but now we can see our new school taking shape even more as the steel work is high above the fence.  We loved watching the steel being carried on the HUGE crane!  We also loved seeing the JCB.  It was huge.  We couldn't reach the top of the wheel.

Our text this week has been The Zoo Vet.  This has helped us learn all about the days of the week, different animals and how a vet treats animals.  We have some amazing writing in our folders.

We have done lots of work this week on writing numbers and letters as we just want to write, write, write!!!!!! We have also done lots of lovely activities to develop our fine motor skills so we can write even better.  We LOVED popping the bubble wrap!

We have also done lots of fun jobs practising our number bonds to 4 and 5 and we are becoming so good at recalling the number pairs.

Reception have amazed everyone this week with their hard work and their progress!

19.11.21 - Children in need.

Thank you for your support and donations for this super cause.  The children all looked amazing in their spotty or their Pudsey clothes and we had super fun learning all about Pudsey and the amazing work he does.

15.11.21 - Dear Zoo

This week we have used Dear Zoo as the focus for our learning.  The children loved learning all the animal names they didn't already know and they were really curious to find out about zoos.  We used our construction to build enclosures for our Zoo thinking about the size and shape of the enclosure to make sure it was suitable for each animal.  We also talked about making sure that the animals were safe and the visitors were safe.  We had some super creations from tall enclosures for the giraffes to strong ones for the gorilla so he didn't break it and escape.  We also used our zoo mat to talk about maps and directions.

We loved playing with our mini zoo in a tin.  It really helped us with our fine motor skills as the pieces were so small.

We drew our favourite Dear Zoo animal - looking closely at its features - and then we used our fine motor skills to sew their cage.  We had such fun doing this and we are really proud of what we made.

Here are some more of the fun things we have done this week to help us learn more about zoos and animals.

We are so proud of our writing in Reception.  We are working really hard on our phonics and we are starting to use some of the sounds we know in our writing. We are also working really hard to form our letters correctly.  Look at some of our super writing.

8.11.21 - Poppies

This week Reception have been learning about Remembrance Day and the significance of both red and purple poppies. We made our own Flanders Field and we paid our respects by joining in the 2 minute silence at 11 o'clock on the 11th day of the 11th month.

We talked about how brave the soldiers were and how lots of them were awarded medals for their bravery.  We were all awarded a medal for something special our friends identified in us. It made us feel super and made us realise how special we all are.

Have a look at some of the other super things we did to help us learn about poppies.

Mrs Woodhall also complemented us on our super writing, how good we are at phonics and on our brilliant use of positional language.  We had super fun learning positional language.  We really loved putting the zebra ON TOP OF Mrs Watson's head - haha.

1.11.21 - Diwali and Bonfire night

This week we have been looking at the festivals of Diwali and Bonfire Night. We have had super fun learning about how these festivals are celebrated.  Ask us and we can tell you so much information!


We cleaned up to get ready for Diwali

We made Rangoli patterns in lots of different ways.

We made and decorated our own Diya lamps.  

We read and acted out the story of Rama and Sita - using all our team work skills and our problem solving skills to make a bridge to rescue Sita.

We also had the best Diwali feast - trying samosas, onion bhaji rice and chapatis.  We also made a traditional Diwali coconut treat which we shared with our parents.

We also developed our fine motor skills but creating henna patterns with paint and pastels.


We listened to the story of Guy Fawkes and learnt about why we celebrate Bonfire Night.  We compared Diwali and Bonfire Night and realised they both used fireworks as part of their celebration.  

We used marbles and paint and rolled them about in a tray to make some amazing firework pictures. We had super fun and we were super proud of our pictures.

We used our small world to find out lots about Firework Safety.

We also did lots of other lovely firework tasks to develop our fine motor skills and look at some of the amazing letters we can write.

18th October - Our Halloween week

This week Reception have been celebrating Halloween.  We worked together to create our own Pumpkin Patch which we were so proud of we brought our grown ups to see it and we invited all the teachers and children in school to look.  We loved listening to stories in our Pumpkin Patch and reading stories to each other.  

We used Room on a Broom as our story for the week.  We loved listening to it and we could join in with lots of the story by the end of the week.  We have the characters in our reading corner and we made our own brooms - remembering the order the characters appeared in the story.  We loved using these to retell the story.  The witch also asked for our help with finding the things she dropped off her broom so we made our own lists and searched school to find all her things.  Mrs Hamilton had pinched the witches yellow spotty bow and was wearing it in her hair!