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w/b 20th June 2022 - Aliens, Aliens and more Aliens

The children have loved learning about Space so much we continued our topic this week.  The children asked the question 'Are aliens real?' so we decided to investigate. 

We read lots of books which had aliens in them.  We read 'Aliens love underpants' and 'Aliens in underpants save the day' and 'Field trip to the moon'.  We looked at how the aliens were portrayed in each of the stories.  We decided that we think aliens are colourful and look very different to us!  We created our own aliens.

We then wrote sentences independently describing our aliens.  We impressed our teachers with our writing and our phonics and how we could describe our alien using adjectives.

We then made our own aliens using big green balloons.  We loved them and took them home.

We did so many other alien things which developed our cutting and writing skills and also our supportive working to work together and help each other.

In maths we have been learning about odd and even numbers.  We used numicon to help us recognise which numbers always had a partner and which don't.  We then sorted numbers into odd and even.  We are also beginning to be able to say which numbers are odd and even and explain why. We love the Number Blocks episode on odd and even numbers.

We also took part in the Active 5 fitnesses challenges each day to help us realise how important daily exercise is.  

w/b 13.6.22 Space and the moon

This week Reception have been exploring space and the moon.  We have looked at the first space landing and we have explored what the surface of the moon was like.  We looked at how the caters on the moon are made and we exeperimented with flour and our own craters of different sizes to see which would make the biggest and the deepest carters.  We loved it!

We also looked at the space suits the astronauts would wear and how heavy they were.  We spoke about gravity on earth and the effect of no gravity on the moon.  We also looked at what it would be like to work in a space station and we set up our very own space station in the classroom.  We also used rubber gloves to do some the tasks in the environment this week (building a space buggy) to experience how hard some of the jobs would have been for the astronauts on the moon in their spacesuits.

We spoke about Father's day and the signifciance of this and we used this opportunity to discuss how all families are different and days like this are all about saying thank you to the people who are special to us and who care for us.  We made our special people a moon picture and we all wrote a very special message to our grown ups using our phonics.  We think our pictures will be treasured by our special people and we think our special people will be blown away with how much progress we have all made with our writing. 

We explored the moon and space in so many other ways this week. Everyone in Reception has loved it and have been really engaged. The talk and the play and the engagement with learning has been super by everyone.

This week we have been continuing to practise our number skills but we have also been learning about addition and  subtraction using first, then and now.  This was really tricky at first but the children soon began to get the hang of it.

This week we have also been practising all of our phonics sounds in our whole class phonics session before our group phonics starts again next week.  We have blown our teachers away with what we know and can remember - we are even becoming little stars with alternative sounds!  We practised our phonics in all areas of the classroom this week.

Friday has been the hottest day of the year so far - we checked the temperature outside and the thermometer said 24 degrees!!! Mrs Hill and Mrs Woodhall must have knows because we had the best treat ever! An ice-cream van came to school and we could choose and ice cream or a lolly to cool down.  What an amazing treat!! We all remembered our manners too and said 'Thank you'.

Summer 2

W/b 6th June 2022 - What is school like now?

As our new school is betting bigger and bigger and nearer completion we are starting to think about what school life has been like in the current Hetton Primary and also in schools that came before.  Reception was tasked with looking at what school life is like now. We started by looking at school life in the past and comparing it to school now then we thought about all the things we are pleased we have in school now which make our time at school easier, comfortabler and which help us learn better.  We had some super ideas - water bottles, whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, school uniforms which make us all the same and which are comfortable.  We used the i-pads to take pictures of all the things we could think about then we wrote our own sentences.

We were super proud of the sentences we could write ourselves.  We chatted lots about what school is like now and about what our new school will be like.  We are very excited. 

We looked at school uniform and what our uniform looks like now and how this helps with our school identify.  We talked about how this helps us to be the same and to show we belong to school. 

We looked at how artists make pictures of things we want to remember.  We decided to make our own artistic impressions of our school as it is now so we have a lasting memory of Hetton Primary before we go to our new build.

We also continued to look at developing our number skills using first, then and now.

We have also loved playing some good old fashioned games to help develop our number recognition and our number bond skills, our reasoning and problem solving. We loved 'shut the box' and 'connect 4'.  Next week we will have snakes and ladders and ludo.

w/b 23rd May 2022 - The Queen's Jubilee

This week we have been learning even more about The Queen and we have been learning all about her Platinum Jubilee.

We have been learning about money - coins and notes - and we were shocked to see The Queen on lots of our money.  We have also been learning about the post and about sending letters.  We made our own Jubilee cards for our grown ups and we put on our address and we posted them.  Guess who was on the stamps.....The Queen!  The shop keeper watched us post our letters and she was so impressed with our behaviour she came and gave us all a sweet! We hope our grown-ups loved their surprise cards. 

We also learnt all about how people will celebrate The Queen's Platinum Jubilee and we learnt about street parties.  We looked at pictures of street parties and the types of food that might be eaten.  We saw lots of sandwiches so we designed and made our own favourite sandwiches.  We wrote the instructions as a class and then we all followed them to make our own sandwiches.  Spreading and cutting are brilliant activities to develop our fine motor skills and we all opened our own packets of crisps which is brilliant for practising our pincer grip. Our sandwiches were delicious to eat.

We all pretended to be The Queen and see what it was like to sit on the throne! 

We also learnt all about The Queen's Guards and the important jobs they do.  We painted our own Guards and we even made a big one!  He made sure The Queen was safe when she came to wave at us when we went to see her on our very own Red London Bus!

We also danced and sang and celebrated the Queen's Jubilee in style with friends and family.  This is the first time in over 2 years that we have been able to have our families in school to share something special with school.  This made the Queen's jubilee even more special for us. 


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Happy Platinum Jubilee Your Majesty - Love from Reception xx

w/b 16th May 2022 - The Queen lives in London.

This week we have continued to learn about The Queen.  We have looked at where she lives and some of the famous landmarks we would see if we went to London to see the Queen.  We have drawn these landmarks, made them out of junk modelling materials and we have made our own versions out of construction.

We also read The Queen's Handbag and The Queen's Hat.  We used The Queen's Hat to look at landmarks in London then we used The Queen's Handbag to look at landmarks in the 4 countries of the United Kingdom which linked nicely with looking at the Union Jack.

We planned and wrote our own stories using these books as our inspiration.

We have also been looking at using 'first, then and now' to introduce us to addition in our maths.  We used a London Bus to help us.  We looked at how many were on the bus first, then how many extra got on and now how many do we have altogether.

We also read The Queen's Knickers. We giggled at the story. We looked at all the knickers the Queen wears.  We designed out own knickers for The Queen.  We loved doing this job.  Our imagination and creativity and discussion were fantastic!

w/b 9th May 2022 All about the Queen

This week we have started to learn all about the Queen in preparation for our work on her Platinum Jubilee. We have looked at the Queen from being a baby to how she is now and we have compared how she looks to how people we know look. We compared her baby picture to our baby pictures - our pictures are not black and white although we thought Mrs Medhurst's and Mrs Watson's would be......heehee!  We also used our knowledge of growing up to sequence pictures of the Queen.  We remembered lots of the terms for growing up from previous work we have done - baby, toddler, teenager, young adult etc.  We were also shock to learn that that Queen became Queen when she was 25 - that is how old some of our mams are!

We have looked closely at pictures of the Queen and learnt that the Queen has had over 160 portraits of her painted.  We decided to create some of our own Queen portraits.  We looked at some of the ones the Queen has had painted and some were amazing and some were rather odd and we wondered what the Queen would have thought of them.  We decided she would have liked our portraits.

We have also looked at some of the toys the Queen would have played with when she was little and compared them to toys we play with today.  They were very different but we did enjoy playing with them.  We decided we were not sure what the Queen would have thought about i-pads when she was little.

We looked closely that the Queen and her crowns and her throne.  We changed our role-play area in the classroom to Windsor Castle with the Queen's throne.  We have have had banquets and got dressed and princes and princesses and we made our own crowns so we could pretend to be the Queen.  We have even practised her wave .

We looked very royal and regal in our crowns. 

This week we also had a visit from our local community Police Officers.  They came to talk to use to tell us all about their work and about how they are there to help and support us.  They said if we saw them out and about they would love a 'Hello' or a high five.  We loved trying on their uniform and it made some of us think about being Police when we grow up.

This week we have also worked on our numbers to 20 and beyond, we have learnt some of our doubles and we have been representing them in the environment with so many different materials.  We also discovered mirrors are excellent to use to learn about doubles.  We have also investigated shapes and patterns. We have practised our ball skills and our climbing, balancing and moving skills and we have done some amazing phonics.  What a busy week we have had!