Moorsley Road, Hetton le Hole, Houghton le Spring

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Vision Statement


Hetton Primary School Vision

'Be the BEST that you can be'

Believe – Encourage – Support - Teach


School is happy and friendly; caring and welcoming and provides a place where children feel valued, safe and happy. Our family-friendly ethos places us firmly at the centre of our community where everyone is made to feel welcome and supported.

 The children are at the heart of everything we do; their safety and wellbeing are always at the forefront in order to support them in developing the life skills needed to become successful citizens.

 Our curriculum is child centred so that our pupils are engaged and immersed in their learning through a range of enriching activities. Innovative approaches are used to develop ideas and move learning forward by exciting and challenging children and staff to think creatively.

 All learning is challenging through careful planning and differentiation to enable all children to make progress and reach their targets. Provision is supportive of all children’s abilities, needs, and talents in order to enable them to reach their full potential.

 Cooperative learning techniques are used throughout the school to develop communication, interaction, teamwork and a strong sense of community where everyone achieves more.

The staff at Hetton Primary are proactive, making sure that each child is given the opportunity to progress in a holistic way by promoting lifelong learning.


Believe – Encourage – Support - Teach