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At Hetton Primary, we provide a broad range of knowledge, skills and experiences for our children.


Our golden threads shape how our curriculum is delivered and the breadth it offers. Knowledge of our families, their backgrounds and our ambitions for our children underpin all areas of the curriculum.


Woven through our curriculum are our 4 golden threads which drive the learning within school.


Aspirations: This helps pupils to know what the possibilities are for their future life

Community: fosters pride in our local areas and beyond, ensuring that children have pride in themselves and show tolerance and understanding towards others.

Culture: celebrating where our children come from; their heritage - and access to and knowledge of the cultural world outside of Hetton.

Curiosity: driving a desire for knowing more, being inquisitive and able to question what they see and learn and developing a sense that learning never stops.


We are determined that our children have appropriate and ambitious opportunities throughout their time at Hetton Primary School.

If you have any questions about the curriculum your child or children are covering in their year group, please ring school and speak with their class teacher.