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We started this week looking for signs of spring.  We went all around our school grounds to find signs of spring.  We spotted a lovely blue sky, the sun, buds on the trees and flowers starting to grow in the grass.  We also could feel that it was starting to get warmer.  We took our own ipads and took our own photos of the things we saw - Mrs Medhurst took the picture of the sun though as we know we can't look directly at the sun.

We then learnt all about the signs and symbols of Easter.  We listened to the story of Jesus and we talked all about eggs, chicks and lambs and how they represent new life.  We spoke about the symbol of the cross and we tried hot cross buns.  

We then learnt all about Palm Sunday - when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and was welcomed by crowds waving palm leaves at him to show how much they love Jesus.  We all made our own Palm leaves and we acted out Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem.

We also had a lovely afternoon of Easter crafts with our grown-ups. 

Happy Easter Everyone.