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Below is some important information about Sapphire Class.


Our PE days are Thursday and Friday.  The children can come to school dressed in their PE kit on Thursday and they will need their swimming kit on Friday.


The children all have a reading book and reading diary.  Please encourage the children to read for at least 10 minutes every day.  There is a letter inside of the reading record with more information about when the diary needs to be completed.

The children must bring their reading books into school every day.

Some of the children will continue to access phonics this term and as part of the program they will be bringing home a RWI book in a small folder.  The children need to read this book every day to help develop their fluency and there are questions they need to answer in the back.


For spellings this term, the children will be bringing home spellings from the Year 3 which they must be able to read and spell.  The children will complete a spelling test each week to see how they are doing learning the words.


In their book bags the children have a copy of their login details for Times Table Rockstars and Numbots (they are the same) and an Oxford Owl login.


Times Table Rock Stars - to practice and learn the 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables. 

Numbots - to practice maths fluency skills such as number bonds and number facts.


Oxford Owls - weekly reading homework will be set for all children to complete. 

Friday 14th January 2022


The children have settled well back into routines after the Christmas holidays.


This week, we have started to write a new class story called The Wolves in the Walls.  It is based on a book by Neil Gaiman.  I have been really impressed with the children vocabulary work during this piece of writing and they have all written some super dialogue (which is new learning for year 3).  I am looking forward to seeing the children's completed writing next week.

In maths, we have continued to practice the 3, 4 and 8 times tables and I will be sending a small piece of homework home next week for the children to practice their 3s.  This week we have started a new unit based on multiplication and division and the children will be starting to learn how to multiply 2 2-digit numbers.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have started some new topics.  The children have recapped what they know about forces and we have completed investigations into different types of forces.  Next week, we will start to learn about magnets.  In art, we will be learning about printing and you can see some pictures below of the children making rubbings of different objects from around school.  Our history focus this term is how the Victorians shaped Sunderland and Hetton and the children made some fantastic timelines.  This term in PSHE, the children are thinking about their dreams and goals - I have included a picture of some of the dream jobs the children would like to have when they grow up.


Friday 17th December


And just like that the Autumn term is over and we have broken up for Christmas!


It has been a brilliant last week of the term in Sapphire Class and the children have enjoyed taking part in lots of Christmas activities.  We started the week with our Carols around the tree and I was so proud of the children's singing - they looked amazing in their santa hats around the tree.  On Tuesday, it was our Christmas party and I have added some picture below so that you can see the brilliant time that they had.  This week the children have also joined in the Sunderland Music Hub's Big Festive Sing and they had a lovely time joining in with the songs they had been learning with Laura.  


The children have done lots of Christmas crafts this week.  They have made santa decorations, christmas cards and they loved making their calendar.  Yesterday, the children had hot chocolate and marshmallow treat as they watched the Christmas movie.  Finally, the children are looking forward to seeing the Dick Whittington panto this morning.


Please have a look through the pictures below so you can see some of the fun the children have had.


Mrs Finnigan and I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone back on Tuesday 4th January.

Friday 10th December


We have had a fantastic day in Sapphire Class today and we are definitely getting into the Christmas spirit.  The children have looked fantastic in their Christmas jumpers and t-shirts.  They have also enjoyed their Christmas lunch and the Santa dash today.

This week, the children have moved onto learning the 3 times tables and they have done brilliantly learning the facts.  The song we have been singing this week is on this link: 3 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning! - YouTube

In English, we have finished our class story called Flood and the children were so proud reading their stories back.  Next week, we will be planning a new story about a volcano eruption and I am looking forward to reading what the children imagine it would be like.

This week, we have been learning about how our bodies move in science and today we learned about different types of skeleton.  Ask the children about the different skeletons that animals can have and I am sure you will be impressed with their knowledge.  We have also learned a little about Virtual reality this week and I have enjoyed seeing the children's ideas for virtual worlds that they would like to visit.


Next week is a busy week.  I would like to invite you all to school on Monday at 2:30pm for our Carols around the tree.  The children have been working hard learning some Christmas songs and they are looking forward to singing them for you.  The children have also made some santa decorations for the tree.  On Tuesday, it is our Christmas party.  The children can come dressed in their party clothes and I'll make sure everyone keeps clean for the  party on the afternoon.

Friday 3rd December

It has been a busy couple of weeks and we have done lots of brilliant things in Sapphire Class.


Last week, a JCB digger visited our carpark and the children had an amazing time going out to explore it.  They thought it was so fantastic that they could fit inside the scoop for a photograph - sorry for the slightly dusty clothes!  I have put some picture below so you can see what they got up to.  We also started our Christmas preparations last week.  The children spent some time making tree decorations for our outside Christmas tree.  We are going to add the decorations to the tree next week and you can see them when you visit for our Carols around the Christmas Tree in the last week.


This week, the children have been writing a class story called Flood.  They are writing about a family who need to evacuate because of a monstrous storm which causes a flood.  I am really enjoying reading their writing and how they are carefully choosing words to describe the storm.  In maths, the children have completed their addition and subtraction unit and we are moving onto multiplication and division.  The children need a little more practice with column addition and subtraction so I will be sending some practice home next week.

In science, we have moved onto the human skeleton and it was great fun watching the children find and label some of the bones they knew on their friends.  I was so impressed with their knowledge.  Today, we have learned what it is like when a volcano erupts and the children have created some fantastic drawings of erupting volcanoes based on what they have read.  Over the last couple of weeks, we have completed some art activities and the children have been making tints of primary colours to paint shapes.  Next week, we will look at using contrasting tints and colours to create patterns.

Finally, we had a visit from the amazing Laura and we have started to learn some Christmas songs and carols which we will share with you in the final week.


Here are some important dates for Sapphire Class:

Monday 6th Christmas Movie Night (there is a ticket price of £2)

Friday 10th Christmas Jumper Day

                   Santa Dash

                   Christmas Lunch

Monday 13th Carols around the Christmas Tree - parents are welcome and we will be starting at 


Tuesday 14th Christmas Disco

Friday 17th Dick Whittington Pantomime (in school)


Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday 19th November


It has been a great week in Sapphire Class this week and it has been super to see the children in their odd socks for Anti-bullying week.


In English, I have been so impressed with the children's independent writing about earthquakes and I can see that they have worked really hard on their handwriting and spelling.  I am really looking forward to reading the explanations they have written.  If you ask them, I am sure they will be able to tell you some interesting facts about earthquakes.

In maths, the children have worked hard on their addition and they have become super stars at column addition with an exchange.  We are moving onto column subtraction with an exchange next week but they made a great start today.

This week in science, we have started to look at why nutrients in food are important and how they keep us healthy.  The children have thought about a healthy balanced meal and why it is important to choose the best foods to give us energy.  The children have been learning about earthquakes this week in geography and we event had a practice earthquake drill - at the siren all of the children hid under their desks!  We have been thinking about the meaning of Christmas this week in RE and the children what the different objects we see at this time of mean to those who celebrate Christmas.


This week has been Anti-bullying week and the children have completed activities around using kind words and why they are important.  The school nurse came into talk to the children about the making and keeping friendships and being kind.  They talked about what makes a good and bad friend.  In computing, we have talked about the importance of keeping safe online and we had a special assembly to talk about the risks of being online and what the children can do to keep themselves safe.  We have also learned that the information we see online isn't always true because sometimes no-one checks the information that is added.  The children created some very funny 'spoof' webpages on purple mash to show how easy it was to create a spoof website.


Finally, we have ended the week with a fantastic visit to AAA Sports for a gymnastics and trampoline visit.  The children have loved it and they all had a brilliant time trying some of the bars, beams and trampolines.

Friday 12th November


We have had a fantastic week in Sapphire Class this week.


In English, we have nearly finished our class explanation writing about volcanoes.  Ask the children and they will be able to tell you how volcanoes are formed.  They have worked really hard on their writing this week and are showing they can use adverbs and conjunctions in their writing.  In maths, we have moved onto column addition today and I have been so impressed with the children's presentation in their books.  They have shown that really understand place value and they have worked really hard adding up those numbers.

This week, we have continued to learn about our bodies and the Food Pyramid.  The children were able to sort food into the different food groups and I enjoyed seeing their healthy balanced meals which they designed.  In geography, the children have learned about some of the world's famous volcanoes and they have used an atlas to find where they are in the world.  I have set the children the challenge today to find out about one of those volcanoes and create a factfile about it.

In PE, we continued with our new gymnastics and the children had lots of fun practicing the different types of walks.  Through computing, we have started to think about how and why we use the internet and I showed the children have to access 2Blog on purple mash.  The children enjoyed sharing their ideas about why they used the internet.  Ask the children to log on to show you.

Finally, the children have learned about why 11th November is special and they worked with Mrs Rose to create a poppy wreath which was placed at the memorial in the centre of Hetton.


Today, the children have brought home a letter for Oxford Owls.  The letter explains how the children can log on to the website to access a phonic book which we are using for phonics in class.  Some children already have a book set that they can read with you at home and I will be setting books for other children from next week.  Please log on to Oxford Owls so that the children can show you the book we have been reading.  

The children have had their login details glued into the front of their reading diaries and I have shown them the website today.

Friday 5th November


We have had a great first week back after the holiday and I have been really impressed with the children's learning.


In English, the children have started to learn about explanation texts which is completely new for them and they are doing a super job learning about the features.  This week, the children have worked hard on identifying main and subordinate clauses and they have worked really hard on their letter formation.

In maths, we have continued with our addition and subtraction work.   The children have been learning how to count forwards and backwards crossing over 10s and they are doing really well.  Next week, we are going to be focusing on the 10 times tables so that the children can recall the facts fluently.


On Tuesday, the children impressed me with their fantastic coding skills.  I really enjoyed seeing the programs they created and that challenges they completed.  They were coding super stars!  We started our new geography topic this week.  Ask the children how mountains are made and I am sure that they will be able to tell you all about it.  They used atlases to find mountain ranges around the world and did an amazing job.  In PE this week, the children had their first gymnastics lesson and they were practising their rolls, bear and crab walks and slides - ask them to show you what they can do.

Today, we started our new RE topic - the meaning of Christmas.  I enjoyed listening to the children sharing some of the things they are looking forward to.  They have chatted about Santa, spending time with family, eating Christmas dinner and of course - presents!




Here are the children showing the explanation texts we were exploring today.

Friday 22nd October


It has been a whirlwind of a week this week and there has been lots happening in Sapphire Class. 


In English, the children have all written a diary based on a day they would have in the Iron Age.  Today, I have been reading about the children having battles, going hunting and being chased by wolves and bears.  I'm really looking forward to reading their finished pieces over half term.  During the holidays, please can you encourage the children to read a little every day.  After the holidays, we will be starting to learn how to join our writing correctly as this is part of the national curriculum for Year 3.  The children can access Letter Join at home to practice their letter formation on a tablet or PC.  I will attach a letter which explains how to use Letter Join at the bottom of this update.


I have been really impressed with the children's maths this week.  They have worked hard and shown super understanding of what happens when we add and subtract when crossing 10 and 100.  Over the holidays, please can you encourage the children to access Timestable Rock Stars and Numbots.  The website links are at the top of the page and all of the children should have their username and passwords in their book bags.


Also this week, the children have really impressed me with what they have remembered from our science topic of Rocks and Soils.  In PE, the children have been practising their footwork skills and we had lots of fun on Wednesday practising sidesteps, zogzags and hoptscotch - I will pop some pictures below for you to see.  

In computing the children have been learning how to use timers and repeat commands as part of their codes.  I was so impressed with the children's coding on Tuesday.  All of the children have their Purple Mash logins so they can access Purple Mash at home and show you what they have learned.  They may even have rewards they can show you for their super work!

Yesterday, we went to visit the Diamond Class Pumpkin Patch and we shared a spooky story for halloween.  I will pop some pictures below.


Have a lovely half term everyone!

Friday 15th October


We have had a great 2 weeks in Sapphire Class and lots has happened. 


The children have started to write a diary based on their adventure in the Stone Age and I have really enjoyed seeing their ideas and the improvement in their handwriting.  In maths, we have moved onto addition and subtraction and I have been really impressed with their maths fluency - please encourage the children to access Numbots as this well help them lots.  


Last week the children enjoyed our history workshop with Durham University and they have a great time exploring artefacts from the Stone Age to Iron Age.  Then last Tuesday, we went to Hetton School and they loved the activities including archery and the climbing wall.  


I have put some pictures below to show you some of the fun the children have had.  This week we have heard from the author Pooja Puri who shared some of her book, A Dinsosaur Ate my Sister.  She challenged the children to design a time machine.  I have promised the children that if they complete their designs and bring them into school then I will reward them with Dojo Points.  I can't wait to see their designs.

Friday 1st October 2021


It has been a very exciting week in Sapphire Class this week.  The children have planned their first story which they will be writing next week.  Look out for a copy of their story coming home as they are looking forward to sharing it with you.

We have finished our number and place value in maths and I am so impressed with how the children are using their knowledge of 3 digit numbers to talk about their understanding of number.

In science, the children have had lots of fun learning about sedimentary and igneous rock and they enjoyed using chocolate to explore how rocks are made.  On Wednesday, the children investigated rocks and tested them using water, metal and acid - ask them and I am sure they can tell you all about it.

This morning, John from Durham University zoomed into our classroom for a workshop all about prehistory.  The children were able to explore artefacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and had fun thinking about what the artefacts were called and used for.  We really have some amazing history detectives in class who gave some super answers to the questions.  The children were fascinated with a replica skeleton and John can use it to find out so much about the people in prehistory including what they ate!


Below are some pictures of some of the activities the children have been up to this week.


Finally, next week we will be doing PE on Tuesday and Thursday.  ON Tuesday, the children are going to visit Sunderland Climbing Wall at Hetton School.  I will make sure to take lots of photos.