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The Rule of Law

High standards of behaviour are an important expectation of our school. We aim to provide a secure and caring environment where pupils can develop a strong sense of responsibility, self-discipline and co-operation.  There are high expectations of behaviour from all staff and our pupils are actively involved in implementing the positive discipline policy.  The policy is based on shared expectations, positive relationships, effective communication, consistency and fairness.  Positive behaviour is recognised, valued and rewarded using a range of practices.  Negative behaviour has clearly understood consequences.

Pupils demonstrate a very good understanding of the positive discipline policy, rooted in developing emotional intelligence; they respond very positively to the consistent approach of staff and the vast range of rewards.  Consequently, they know the difference between right and wrong and apply this consistently in daily school life.  The success of our positive discipline policy can be seen through the vast majority of pupils showing outstanding behaviour, with very few incidents of unacceptable behaviour.   Evidence from lesson observations indicates that pupils demonstrate an excellent aptitude for learning.