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Our Banksy style art work linked to the NHS and current issues in the world.
Our very own Rain Forest creature documentaries.

L Sto Tarantula

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David Attenborough watch out. L S wants your job!!!

ZG The rain Forest Macaw Parrot

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Another superb video by ZG

Examples of work from this week (week ending 12th February)

Friday 12th February - Pancake fun.

With it being children's Mental Health Week this week, we have been looking at what makes us happy.

We then planned a series of actions/choreographs linked to Pharrell Williams song 'Happy'.


Check out some of our examples compared to the original. 

TM's take on her own 'Happiness'

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ZG take on 'Happy'

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KWC 'Happy'

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Some of this week's work

Some of the activities we have been doing this week

Some of our photos and videos from The Foundation Of Light PE sessions.

L and W enjoying Foundation of Light PE sessions

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KWC and T joining in with PE session.

Friday afternoon exercise looking for interesting objects and sights.

JG and NG walk in the local park looking for unusual sights.

LS and WS enjoying their Friday afternoon walk and looking for interesting sculptures, buildings, views and signs.

More pictures from the children's walks this Friday.

Pupil walks around the local area.

Our task on Monday was to create a fitness circuit based on the 7 times tables.

Pupils had to write the times tables in their red book and the exercise next to it which they would do.

1 x 7 = 7 (press ups)

2 x 7 = 14 (lunges)

Up to 12 x 7

Ideas were: Press up, squat, high knees running on the spot, jumps, star jumps, lunges, squat thrusts, dancing, hopping, burpees, skipping, running on the spot…

Pupils had to choose whether the answer was actual exercises or seconds.

 It will be a good idea to do the ones you find hardest at the beginning because there will be less reps of each exercise or less time to do them in (for example, would you rather do 7 press ups or 84 press ups?/7 seconds of press ups or 84 seconds of press ups?)

GG and LSc delivering their 7 x circuit via video

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KWC 7 x tables circuit

Accessing the Sunderland FC Foundation of Light PE sessions

Our very own Joe Wicks!!!

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The pupils had to complete a Joe Wicks work out and then design their own work out for next week's PE lessons. Mr Snelson, Miss Oldroyd and the children in school will deliver one of our children's work outs each week.

More pictures of our Joe Wicks PE lessons

Here are some of our Joe Wicks PE lesson plans

An amazing report about Coronavirus from LA

Fun in the snow on Friday 8th January.


Because of the snow we changed our plans slightly and included a Snowy maths/PE challenge also

(see the attached Snow Challenge document).

This was the Snowy Maths and PE investigation the pupils had to focus on today.

JG and NG snow ball shot and sled race

JG and NG Sled Race

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Videos of our investigation today.

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CO taking part in the investigation.

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CO Snow Ball target

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Opal Class getting creative in the snow.
Our science lesson investigating forces.

The investigation for Science

Examples of pupils work this week. GREAT WORK EVERYONE

Thursday 17th December 


Opal Class Christmas Party

Monday 14th December

Opal Class - Festive Forest Session.

Today we made a fire and then roasted marshmallows on the fire.

We then enjoyed our marshmallows with a drink of hot chocolate.

Some pictures from filming the Christmas production today.

Thursday 10th December

Opal Class Santa Dash!

All classes in school are performing the Santa Dash as part of the Sunderland Active Schools Award. Here are some pictures from Opal's dash.

Thursday 26th November

Our reading this week has been based around the Folk Song 'No Man's Land' by Eric Bogle.

Here are some of our responses to the song.



Friday 13th November

Thank you for all your donations to Children in Need Opal Class.

Wednesday 11th November 2020

Opal Class recited the famous World War 1 poem 'Flanders Field' for Remembrance Day this year.

Check out the 3 videos below for each verse of the poem.


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Still image for this video


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Friday 23rd October
We followed up our work on shading by mixing shading with charcoal backgrounds to show the contrast in shading between different media.
Thursday 22nd October
Some super art work in class today. We were investigating shade, tone and textures by shading with different art pencils.

Tuesday 23rd September

Our amazing Forest School session


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Forest School

Friday 18th September 

Here are some of our pictures from our outdoor athletics PE session today.

Outdoor Athletics

Friday 11th September 2020

What a great return to school we have had in Opal Class. All of the children have returned cheerful, healthy and happy.

We have been very busy since our return, learning about the Coronavirus and how to keep safe. The children have been incredibly sensible and thoughtful during our discussions about the current situation we find ourselves in.

We have also been learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. In maths we have also been looking at numbers up to 10 000. All the children have worked amazingly hard and have tried their best.

In literacy we have been looking at the story, Here We Are. We have then conducted our own research about planet earth and produced some fantastic pieces of descriptive writing about earth and the solar system.

We are also going to be learning about the Anglo-Saxons in history this term. The children have already showed amazing understanding of how to order a historical timeline (see below).

As we near the end of our first full week back, I would just like to say how brilliant each and every one of the children in Opal Class has done. Keep up the good work.

Our Timeline work in history.

Check out our PE letter with information about our PE days.