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Week beginning 12th July

This week, we have been focusing on descriptive settings in literacy.

We have focused on spooky settings. In art we have been investigating water colour mixing to create different shades for our haunted house.

Friday 9th July

Our Forest Adventure

During our forest adventure today we made a bridge, made a shelter and camouflaged ourselves to hide from the teachers. 

Week Beginning 21st June

What an amazing week Year 5 have had as Sports Leaders.

They have been truly amazing.

Here they are with Year 6 and Year 1.

Year 2 and Year 3 worked with Opal Class Sports Leaders today. 

Another great afternoon.

What an amazing Monday afternoon we have had. Our Y5 Sports Leaders were fantastic today with Mrs Stafford's Class.

We have also been competing in a football festival linked to the European Championships. All the classes will take part this week.

Here are some pictures from our festival with Year 4.

Week beginning 14th June

Performing 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' in French.


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We have created our own templates for a graphic modelling project in '2 Design and Make' in our computing sessions.

Our final rehearsal for Sports Leader activities before next week.

Week Beginning 7th June

In literacy this week, we have been watching the short story 'The Present' and thinking about the meaning behind the story. Here are some of our responses.

Week beginning 24th May

We have been training for our sports leader event in June this week. 

Week beginning 17th May

After having a Zoom lesson with a graphic designer we then had a go at designing a tow truck and a car which would fit on our truck. We will print off our designs and check whether our measurements are correct.

We have been focusing on practical activities to read measuring accurately scales this week. 

We enjoyed making, baking and eating our rock cakes.

We have been rehearsing our skipping again today. We think you will like our final production. 


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Week beginning 10th May

We had a coach from Durham Cricket Club come in to coach us.


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In maths today, we have been investigating decimal numbers in metres.


We have measured our height and converted between cm and m to investigate tenths and hundredths in metres.


We then measured how far we can jump, throw a ball and run in 21.88 seconds.

We then focused on rounding the decimal numbers to the nearest whole number.

With this week being 'Be Kind Week' we are trying to be kind to one another. We have wrote a kind message about someone in our class and then decorated a card for that person with a message of how we are going to be kind this week. 

On Friday  we are going to see if we can guess who was kind to us by the clues in their card.

Today we finished off our kindness cards. There were some lovely messages inside. Here are a few:

* I like the way you treat people and always make sure that they are ok.
This week I am going to compliment you, smile at you and say hello often to make you feel special.

* You are very nice and kind. Have a nice day.
This week I am going to play with you.

* I like the way you are kind and caring.
This week I am going to play with you more often.

In PE this week we have started some cricket challenges in which we compete against ourselves and others.

Week beginning 4th May

In computing, we have been making our own games on Purple Mash.

The children playing their games.

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We looked through these pictures in pairs and discussed what the told us about life in Ancient Egypt.

Week beginning 26th April

In science this week, we have been investigating pollination in plants. We went for a walk around the school grounds to find and record evidence of pollination.

Here are some of the skipping skills we have been focusing on today.


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In PE this week we have been focusing on working with a partner to send and receive a ball in different ways.

We then competed against other pairs in a game of palm tennis.

Week Beginning 19th April

We have been working really hard in maths this week on fractions and decimals.

Here are some examples of our work.

Our Class Novel at the moment is 'Friend or Foe'


We have had some very interesting discussions about this book and the choice of title for the book.