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Welcome to Year 2 (Ruby Class)

Miss Routledge is your class teacher. 

Tuesday 4th July

Today the children looked at how the birth of new babies are celebrated within Christianity. The children shared baptism photos and looked at a video that explained how Christians understand God in three ways. They folded paper to represent their home (God being present), a book (The Bible) and then finally the cross. 

Well done Year 2!

Monday 5th June

Today we received a letter from the Mayor of London asking us to create a poster that would encourage tourists to visit the city. We spent today’s lesson researching the city, finding out about all of its famous landmarks and attractions. In groups we created a mind map of the information we found out and presented our key facts to the rest of the class.

Friday 26th May

We did it! Ruby class are now all officially secret agents after completing our training this week. 

The children have worked so hard and we all couldn't be prouder. 

Well done year 2!

Thursday 25th May

Today we’ve been looking at describing turns. We went outside onto the yard to practice moving in quarter, half, three quarter and full turns. We also used the language of clockwise and anti-clockwise when describing our turns and practised moving around in both directions. 

Wednesday 17th May

This week our topic in Maths has been measurements. We’ve looked at how to use a ruler to measure a range of items and also how to compare a variety of measurements.

Later this week we’re going to move on further to reading a range of scales and identifying the mass.

To link with this, for National Numeracy Day we decided to follow a set of instructions to make a mug cake. We used scales to measure out the correct quantities of the ingredients and added them to our mug. For our recipe we measured items in grams (g) and millilitres (ml).

Friday 5th May 

Today we celebrated the King's Coronation. We came to school dressed in red, white and blue and each made a crown. This afternoon we took part in a song bomb, where we sang some of our coronation songs to all our friends and families in the school hall. 

Thursday 4th May

This afternoon we visited Hetton Independent Methodist Church to support our learning in RE. We identified and discussed features inside the Church. We explored why this place of worship is special to Christians and also chatted about the thoughts and feelings we experienced whilst visiting the church.

Thursday 29th March

Today, Ruby Class and Emerald Class visited Hetton le Hole Independent Methodist Church for an Easter service. We discussed the Easter story after singing our favourite Easter songs. We were absolutely amazing - all teachers were feeling super proud and I am sure grown ups were too!

Spring Chicken

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Tuesday 21st March 

Today we continued our science topic and began to look at magnets. The children first explored magnets and discussed how they can attract/repel one another depending on the way the poles were facing. They then moved on to looking at how magnetism is a non-contact force; they had some 'magical fun' using paperclips! 

Friday 17th March 

Today we started to build our own freestanding structures. 

In this activity we acted as engineers in order to help the three little pigs build a house that protects them from the wolf. We had to think about the materials we used in order to make a strong house. 

Next week we're going to test our houses to see if they can withstand the huff and puff of the big bad wolf. 

Thursday 9th March

Ruby Class loved their session with Brazilian Football this morning! 

Friday 3rd March

Today the children started their new science topic "Forces and Magnets". We first looked at pushes and pulls. To support this, the children went on a walk around school identifying examples of pushes and pulls and recording this on whiteboards. They found some really interesting examples! Well done Year 2! 

Thursday 2nd March

Happy World Book Day! 

We have loved celebrating this week by reading lots of our favourite stories and dressing up as our favourite characters.

Wednesday 8th March 

This half term, in DT, we're looking at freestanding structures. Today we spent the lesson exploring a range of structures and discussing their functions. We took a tour of the school to see what we could find.  

Wednesday 15th February

Today we had a special morning taking part in Infantasia, a music event for KS1 children. It was so lovely to perform our song and also listen to all the other schools singing. 

Hands, feet and heart by Year 2

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Friday 3rd February

Today we explored point and patch balances using low apparatus. We had to make sure we kept our head up and still, kept our tummy tight and our backs straight and we focused our eyes on a point to help with our balance.

Tuesday 31st January

Today the children investigated the most appropriate material to build a bridge. They had previously explored ways in which materials can be changed; twisting, rolling, pinching, patting, cutting, tearing. 

The children worked in teams to create their design and then tested their bridge by adding books to it in order to identify whether it could withstand weight. 

The bridge that one team built was able to hold 5 books! 

The children then discussed what material they would use if they were to make the bridge again, considering how they would join the materials together. Many of the children suggested wood and glue as well as metal and screws so that their bridges would be stronger. 

Super work, Year 2!

Tuesday 17th January

The children have begun their new Science topic of looking closely at everyday materials and considering their purpose and suitability. Today, the children investigated the suitability of paper and wood for a boat. They used origami to create a paper boat and joined lollipop sticks together to create a raft. The children then tested the strength of the boats by adding cubes 1 by 1 to identify when the boat sank or allowed water in. The children found that the boat did hold more cubes showing good strength and we talked about how this could be because of the folds and how they were made. We did however then notice that the paper boat became very soggy, could rip and had holes in. From this, we decided that the wooden raft would be the most suitable material due to being waterproof. 

Well done Year 2! 

Monday 16th January

Today we made our own didgeridoos from a cardboard tube. We used paint to decorate the outside of it and add our own aboriginal patterns. 

Thursday 12th January

Today we learnt about didgeridoos. We explored what a didgeridoo is, how they're made and also had a go at playing one ourselves. It was a lot of fun. Next week we're excited to have a go at making one ourselves from card and adding a variety of aboriginal patterns to it using paint. 

Monday 19th December

Today we had our Christmas party with Year 1. We danced, played lots of games and even had another visit from Santa!! It was so much fun. 

Wednesday 14th December 

Today we went on a trip to Silksworth Sports Complex to take part in a snow tubing experience. It was so much fun.

Can you guess which special guest joined us there? Ho Ho Ho!

Tuesday 13th December

We have loved performing our nativity play to our grown ups this week. 

Thursday 8th December

Today is Christmas jumper day for Save the Children. We all came into school dressed in our festive clothing.

Thursday 1st December

This afternoon we continued our learning of the Christmas story in R.E. We drew pictures of the nativity scene and discussed key reasons why God sent Jesus down to Earth. 

Following this we decorated our classroom ready for Christmas. It was so much fun and has got us all really excited for Santa coming! We also had a special visitor join us who brought our advent calendar all the way from the North Pole! 

Tuesday 22nd November

Today the children furthered their understanding around electricity. They began to explore circuits; looking at the components needed to create a working circuit as well as the importance of a full circuit to allow the electricity to flow from the energy source to the electrical conductor. 

We first made a human circuit and explored how the electrical energy would travel. We then used this knowledge to build our own circuits independently - considering the components we used in order to ensure it works. 

I was impressed with every child today! Well done! 

Friday 18th November

Today we supported Children in Need by coming into school in non-uniform. Thank you to all who donated. 

We also had a very special visitor join us today in assembly!

Hi Pudsey!!

Thursday 17th November

This week is Anti-Bullying week.

Throughout the week we have completed various activities around Anti-Bullying. To show our support we have also been wearing odd socks everyday. There's been some fantastic combinations of socks, lots of bright and colourful patterns, some of us in Ruby class have even been wearing Christmas socks!

heart Ruby Class Remember heart

Thursday 10th November

In DT, we have been exploring mechanisms, including levers and sliders. We identified some of these mechanisms in a range of books and talked about why they are effective. Some of us had a go at following instructions to create our own slider. 

Wednesday 2nd November

Our new focus text in English is 'Little Red Reading Hood' 

Over the holidays Miss Routledge set Ruby Class a challenge to send in a picture of them reading their favourite book in their favourite place. The children's images were fab and they all spoke about how much they enjoyed reading in their special place. 


We had a challenge today in English to find some special reading spots around our new school that we could read in when we are here. The children were really creative and found some great reading spots, we had great fun.

Welcome to our new classroom!

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Wednesday 13th October 

Today we went on an exciting trip to St Mary's Heritage Centre in Gateshead. 

We transported ourselves back in time to 1854 when the Great Fire of Gateshead took place. We had a tour of the city to see where the Great Fire started and we learnt lots about the tragic events that took place following it. 


On the afternoon we continued our learning and had a tour of the Baltic Art Gallery. Inside the learning lounge we drew pictures and built models of Charles Bertram's factory, which sadly exploded. We also had a walk across the Millennium Bridge and a small walk along Newcastle's quayside. 


We had such a fun day out and learnt lots. 

Tuesday 4th October

Today in Science we have been looking at the physical changes exercise makes to our body. We have looked at the differences between the shape of a marathon runner's body and the shape of a strong man's body; we discussed the differences in strength and stamina. 

We then went on to investigate the impact exercise has on our body; in particular the number of breaths we take and how this changes following exercise.

What a great morning Year 2! 

Thursday 29th September 

Today in art we looked at mixing primary colours to create secondary colours. We then used these new colours to create our own colour charts.

Tuesday 27th September

This week in P.E we have been focusing our learning on different kinds of movements. We have looked at skipping, hopping, galloping and side stepping. We tried really hard to perfect each move and applied our skills to a partnered game at the end.

Monday 26th September

Today we had an exciting visit from our friends at Zoolab.

We were given the opportunity to touch and handle an array of animals: African Land Snails, Cockroaches, Snakes to name a few! We also discussed the features of the animals and what they need to survive. 

Tuesday 13th September

Within our Science lesson this week, we were looking closely at the changes our bodies go through as we grow. We carried out a simple investigation to identify how our feet change; we measured the feet of children throughout school - even Mrs Hill's! We had to try and be as accurate as possible by measuring heel to toe and ensuring that we started the ruler at 0cm. Prior to this, we made predictions as to how we think our feet would change. Our investigation showed us that as we get older our feet will increase in length! As a challenge, some of us were asked to consider if this was always the case (thinking carefully about elderly people!). 

Wednesday 7th September

Today we started our learning on the Great Fire of London. We looked at the city of London and discussed similarities and differences between it now and in 1666. 

Miss Routledge then read us a story all about the fire. Afterwards we worked as a group to act out some of the main events of the week. We pretended to pull down houses with fire hooks, blow up the remaining buildings and we created a human chain from the river Thames to put out the fire.