School Logo

School Values

Our Mission Statement


 We are committed to providing a high quality education that promotes the intellectual, creative, spiritual, moral, cultural, social, emotional and physical development of every child in our care.


In partnership with parents and the community we will strive to provide a welcoming and caring environment in which each individual will feel valued and respected and achieve their potential.



Our Aims and Values

  1. We aim to promote the intellectual, spiritual, moral, cultural, social, aesthetic and physical development of each child, in a manner that is challenging and supportive.
  2.  We will create a learning environment where our children feel secure, happy, confident and keen to learn. 
  3.  We will encourage each child to develop to their full potential. 
  4.  We ensure that all children have equal access to the curriculum and the range of activities on offer in our school.
  5.  We provide a caring community where each child is encouraged and expected to show care, courtesy, tolerance and respect towards others.
  6.  We will establish a purposeful partnership between our school, the home and the community.