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Wednesday 13th July

Today we focused on measuring capacity and length in more detail. The children are getting a lot better at reading measuring scales. 

Tuesday 12th July

Opal Class practically investigating different types of measures and reading scales accurately. 

Monday 11th July

In maths, we have been investigating Leonardo Da Vinci's theory about Vitruvian Man. Leonardo stated that the arm span of a human is equal to his or her height from head to foot. 

Amazingly, we found out that Leonardo was correct!

Monday 4th July

Pui came in again today. We have been focusing on clay modelling. George Stephenson used clay to work on his original design before making inventions such as the Stephenson Rocket. 

Today we focused on mark making and joining techniques. Then we started our sculptures of the Hetton Miner.

Friday 1st July

Opal Class have been working with our class artist, Pui. We have been working on paper folding craft and thinking about how it can be linked to archaeology and the Stephenson railway and Hetton Mines.

Thursday 23rd June

Maths  - we have been investigating 2D shapes and sorting them according to the following categories:

- Quadrilateral/not quadrilateral

- Right angles/perpendicular lines

- Parallel lines/no parallel lines

- 0, 1, 2, 3 sets of parallel lines

- Shapes with only acute angles

- Shapes that the angles add up to 360 degrees...

Thursday 23rd June


Wednesday 22nd June.

National Sports Week Challenges.


Today we counted how many times we could jump over a hurdle in 1 minute. Our legs hurt afterwards.

We also counted how many times we could throw a tennis ball over our head, clap and catch it in one minute.

We have been working hard this week in our topic lessons. 

We have been investigating some of the famous man made and natural landmarks in the USA.


Monday 20th June

Opal Class participating in a Joe Wicks 8 minute exercise routine for National Sports Week.

Tuesday 22nd June

Opal Class Tennis PE lesson at Hetton School.

June 15th

Today we been writing a biography about Sir David Attenborough.

June - Tennis at Hetton School and Fencing in Tea Time Club.

We have been looking at decades the Queen has been in power. Our decade was the 1970s.

we looked at our school then compared to now, Sunderland FC then to now, local hero Bob Paisley and compared his achievements to current Liverpool manager,Juergen Klopp. 
We even looked at the price of a car in the 1970s compared to now. 

Thursday 26th May

1970s dance workshop in school linked to the Queen’s decades. 


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Friday 29th April

We have been working really hard during our first week back after the Easter holidays. 
In maths we have been investigating fractions, decimals and percentages.

In literacy we have started writing our own story based on the book ‘Rose Blanche’.

Wednesday 30th March

In PSHE today we been learning basic emergency aid procedures and to know how to get help in emergency situations. We found out how to put each other in the recovery position.

Friday 25th March

We have had a very busy week. We have just finished all of our assessments. Today in PE we have been focusing on forward rolls, cartwheels and balances to incorporate into our gymnastic routine.


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Friday 18th March

Sunflower Day

Today Opal Class discussed how we can show empathy to those people who are caught up in the conflict in Ukraine. The children gave some very sensitive answers during the discussion. Our sunflowers are to show our support for the people of Ukraine.


Each class then shared their sunflowers with the rest of the school during assembly. 

Thursday 17th March

Y5 Contemporary Dance Workshop


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Science Week - March 14th - 18th.

We have been looking at renewable energy in science this week. Here are some of our wind turbines.

Tuesday 15th March

Today we planned our writing, thinking carefully about the fronted adverbials and imperative verbs we are going to use. We were then challenged to think about where we can add parenthesis into our instructions.

Monday 14th March

Today we investigated how to mummify a tomato. We will then plan and write our own instructions based on how to do this. 

Friday 11th March

Opal Class applying their jumping skills from Tuesday and focusing on balancing and travelling skills.

Wednesday 9th March

Opal Class Gymnastics - Lesson 1.

Today we focused on different jumps (straight, star, tuck, pike and straddle). 

We then looked at different forms of movement.

We then applied our jumps from a vaulting table. 


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Our new class novel for Spring term 2 - Someday Angeline.


The children really liked 'There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom' by Louis Sachar and they are really looking forward to this book.

Monday 7th March

Here are some of our approaches to solving adding fractions with the same denominator today (abstract and pictoral methods).

Friday March 4th

This week, Opal Class have been taking part in a glass making art project with Year 6.

Y5 and Y6 at Nissan Car Plant.

The pupils worked as part of a production line to create a Lego car at this STEM event. 


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Dance video at end of the day at Nissan Car Plant

Y5 and Y6 at Nissan.

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Lego Car production line experience day

Friday 11th February 

This week we have been investigating the mummification process in Ancient Egypt. 

Friday 4th February 

We have been working on improving our Egyptian Pyramid dance today. I am sure you will agree they are super.


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for NSPCC Number Day we have designed a t-shirt with lots of number facts we have been investigating this year.


Our Class Dojo winners and Star of the Week are modelling the t-shirt. 

NSPCC Number Day

Friday 28th January

Opal Class have been focusing on key skills of control and coordination in PE. Today's lesson was applying these skills into a competitive team game. 


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Monday 24th January

We have been making our own computer game on Purple Mash.

Friday 21st January

In science this week we have been investigating friction and how a type of surface can impact the amount of friction on a car. We then discussed why it is really important to check our own bike and car tyres at this time of year (when the roads and pavements are icy). 

Friday 14th January

Here are some examples of the excellent numeracy and literacy work we have been doing this week.


In numeracy we have been learning about the perimeter of shapes. Our problem solving was never ending!

In literacy we are in the process of writing a persuasive letter to High Court Judge Lord Mersey to show why Captain Smith was to blame for the sinking of the Titanic. It is a good job we weren't around in 1912 because he would definitely have been blamed if Lord Mersey had read our letters!

Friday 7th January

Partner work on the introduction to our Egyptian Slave Dance.


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Tuesday 5th January


In PSHE today we have been looking at aspirations for our future and what type of jobs we would like to go into.

Here is a selection of our work:

Autumn Term 2021


Opal Class have packed a lot into this term. We have participated in a number of PE enrichment activities such as mobile rock climbing, archery, caving, trampolining and gymnastics. We have been swimming across this term and have been fortunate enough to use Hetton School's sporting facilities for PE. 


We have taken part in Remembrance Day services.


We have worked really hard in numeracy and literacy, producing some great work. In topics we have learned about Brazil, The Anglo-Saxons and how our body changes during puberty and the different stages of the human life cycle. 


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all in January for another hard working term.


Mr Snelson



Thursday 16th December

Carols by the Christmas tree.


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Monday 13th December 

Year 5/6 Christmas Party.


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Friday 10th December

Opal Class Christmas Dinner and Santa Dash.

Thursday 25th November 

Opal Class at AAA Sport, Sunderland 

Tuesday 23rd November

This week we have been investigating Fauvism artwork. We then looked at mixing primary colours to create vibrant secondary colours in the style of Fauvist art. 

Wednesday 17th November

We have had a very informative session this morning about how we are influenced by online platforms such as Instagram and You Tube during our Online Safety session.

Tuesday 16th November

Another super tag rugby session at Hetton School this afternoon. Opal Class have some very talented tag rugby players.

Thursday 11th November

Opal Class showing their respect at Remembrance Services today. 

Tuesday 9th November 

Opal Class at Hetton Secondary School - Tag Rugby Training

Week beginning 1st November

This week we have been busy planning and writing a story based on the movie Mourning Dove.

The pupils' writing has been nothing short of amazing.

Here is our planning sheet for the end of the story next week. 

We have really enjoyed how our writing has come to life this week and we are looking to impact on the reader next week.

In maths this week, we have been learning to interpret information from line graphs.

Monday 18th October


In art we have been investigating the artwork of Friedrich Hundertwasser. He noticed that there are no straight lines in nature and many of his paintings depicted spirals and lines which he saw everywhere. In our own tree sketches and paintings we have focused on lines, shape, colours and pattern like Hundertwasser.

Monday 11th October 

Our science investigation into soluble and insoluble solutions.

7th October 2021

Team building with Chris from Forest School.

6th October 2021

Sunderland Wall visit us.

Today we took part in rock climbing, caving and archery. 

A big thank you to Hetton School for letting us use their tennis courts to hold the event.