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Primary History Intent Statement

At Hetton Primary School, out intent for history is for every children to develop a coherent understanding of the history of Britain, our locality and the wider word.  Our curriculum is carefully sequenced in chronological order to support the children in developing a chronological narrative of significant civilisations, societies, events and people which have shaped our lives today. The teaching of history is knowledge and vocabulary rich, which enables the children to develop the skills needed to answer an over-arching enquiry question.   Local history is interwoven within our curriculum, where possible, providing the children with a sense of understanding of their own heritage.  Learning in history has been organised so that children experience the key historical concepts of similarity and difference; continuity and change; cause and consequences.  The children will revisit these concepts through a unit of work, across the year and across keystages including EYFS.



At Hetton Primary School, we have created a knowledge based history curriculum and use teaching strategies that allow learning to be memorable and coherent to enable all children to achieve a secure understanding of the historical context and concept being taught.

Our curriculum is sequenced to develop chronological understanding and children will be supported in making clear links to their previous learning and prior knowledge. 


Substantive Concepts:

Invention    Disaster    Invasion    Monarchy    Civilisation and Society


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