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This week Reception have been using the text "Look Up" to explore meteor showers! Year 1 have taken part in some of the story work and discussed what meteor showers were. The children carried out an experiment; they used glass beads, flour and hot chocolate. Flour was placed in a deep dish and sprinkled with hot chocolate. We then dropped a glass bead from a height into the dish and the result was an observational understanding of how craters were made when they crash into Earth. 


Today the children in school and the children at home joined in with the Foundation of Light zoom Lockdown PE lessons.  It was super fun!



This week the children have been learning about Space! Linked to this, we decided to create our own rockets carrying out our own scientific experiment. We gathered pop bottles, added straws to make a launch pad and then poured vinegar inside the plastic bottle. We had to quickly go outside to add the bicarbonate of soda to the vinegar, pushed a cork into the neck of the bottle, turned it upside down and we had to run!! 


Happy New Year! We are so disappointed that all the children aren't back with us to celebrate the new year and share the wonderful time they have had over Christmas with us! Meanwhile, stay home and stay safe until we can see your smiles again!

Today we were lucky enough to have some snow; the children who are in school with us enjoyed making marks and drawing in the snow using wood. Hopefully there will  be enough to go sledging soon!


What an amazing afternoon in our festive forest. Toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate and making Christmas Bells to ring on Christmas Eve. We all had the best time.

9.12.20 Today Year 1 took part in a fun Santa Dash.  Look at our faces - we had the best time!
27.11.20 Today we had our first monthly birthday party to celebrate all those children who have had their birthday within the month.  Today we celebrated all those boys and girls who were 6 in September, October and November.  We have a lovely afternoon celebrating together.
16.11.20 What have Year 1 been up to today?  Their lesson will really help them remember the tricky science terms vertebrate and invertebrate.
13.11.20.  We had super fun learning about Children in Need and doing some Children in Need crafts.  Emerald Class really understand the importance of this amazing charity.
11.11.20 - Year 1 had a visitor today.  Miss Redpath brought her dog Winnie into school.  Winnie was so well behaved and so were Year 1.  Year 1 are going to use Winnie's visit to write some super recounts tomorrow.
11.11.20 - Year 1`learnt more about poppies today.  We produced some super art work. We also observed the 2 minute silence to remember all the soldiers who fought in wars to help us.
4.11.20 Year 1 have had a super afternoon learning all about poppies and their importance.  Their work and their teamwork was amazing! 
Year 1 had a super time raising money for MacMillian Cancer Research.  We loved dressing in green for this super cause and our tea party was great fun.
Year 1's new room.  

We're just so excited to welcome you back to school and into Year 1. We've set up the classroom to enable the children to continue to learn through play - and we know it's going to be a real adventure! We're also delighted to have a brand new outdoor out for how we develop the area over the first half term! 

Mrs Woodhall, Mrs Medhurst and Mrs Atkinson.