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Our elected Mini SLT and School Council provide a real opportunity for the children to understand democracy in action.

Pupils demonstrate a high level of commitment to the school.  They are keen to take on responsibilities and play an active role in decision making.  There are regular opportunities for pupils to express their views, which they do thoughtfully and confidently, for example, through class and school council activities and pupil-led assemblies.  Their views are valued and can be seen to make a significant contribution to school life.  There is a high level of co-operation and collaboration evident between the pupils; they are able to communicate, interact and get along well with each other.

The strong sense of belonging and pride evident within our school community extends to the wider community.  We encourage our pupils to see their role and related responsibilities within a wider context where they show a high level of respect and compassion towards others, for example raising money to help local and national charities.

Through the curriculum, the children explore the advantages and disadvantages of democracy and how it works in Britain; for example when considering periods of history where democracy was not as fully developed as it is now.