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I am Mrs Fearby, your child's Reception teacher and I am also the Early Years Lead, your children will also be supported by Mrs Atkinson and Mrs Finlay throughout the week.

We are a happy Hetton family!

Remember to follow the links below to watch the parent videos to support your child in reading at home, using Read, Write, Inc.  These are different to the Virtual Classroom videos that you will receive each week with your child's specifically taught sounds. Please let know if you have any questions.

Happy watching! Mrs Fearby


Week beginning 25th April 2024

English: Story Maps, Maths: Making 7 and Counting our Collections

Egg-citing Easter Crafts. Cards, Printing, Spring Watercolours, Decorating Rabbits!

Week Beginning 18th March 2024

Another busy week for Reception, working hard, playing hard and everything in between! 
We have been having a few technical issues with our website page, including getting photos and text on to the page, if you’re struggling to view photos please let a member of staff know and we will try and help.

Maths: In Maths this week the children have been recalling their learning on skip counting in twos, as well as learning about composition of number in Mastering Number.
In their own time, the children have been using our Counting Collections library to explore their own mathematical fascinations and solve problems, including comparing numbers and amounts on 100 squares and number tracks. 
In RE this week, before we learn about the Easter Story, the children have built on their previous learning about belonging; being part of something, such as a club, or a school, by learning about how new babies are welcomed into different faiths, such as Christianity and Islam. We re-enacted a Christian baptism, and some of the children carried this on in their play.

In Literacy this week, the children have begun writing their own story ‘mountains’ busy using ‘Tell me a Story’ boxes to recount the story of Little Red, our alternative version of Little Red Riding Hood. We have also been thinking about how Little Red is similar to Little Red Riding Hood, and how it is different.

You can listen to the read aloud of the story online here:

In Reception we focus on changing seasons and also some of the celebrations that we might typically hold at different times of year. The children have been looking forward to Easter, and they have been playing and learning, creating Easter themed crafts and themed art work, using lots of different skills in the process.

As always, the children have been working hard in their play, we have introduced some new ‘wheels’ to the outdoor provision, the children have been building, printing, painting and writing in their play, lots of new and important skills in practice!

Thank you for your continued support, we have a fun packed week coming up, and you never know, the Easter Bunny may leave something for the children to find!

Please remember we break up on Thursday for Easter, with our return to school on Monday 15th April.
We will need all book bags in by Wednesday at the latest so that I can change all books and folders ready for the half term, dig deep to see if you can find any books or bedtime story bags that you need to bring in!

Mrs Fearby and the Early Years Team

Maths: Skip Counting and Recording. Choosing to use our learning from Mastering Number and Counting Collections in our play.

Playing and Learning: Independent writing, building, outdoor play, creating pictures using tools, printing.

R.E: Being Special and Belonging. How do we welcome babies into the Christian Church?

Spring has sprung and Easter is near! Seasonal themed crafts and play.

Week beginning 11th March 2024

Here Come the Chicks!

English: Creating our story maps about Little Red

Maths: Counting by 2’s and Part Whole diagrams - what makes 5?

RE: Being Special - Where do we belong?

Spotting signs of Spring, building, drawing, learning through play.

Eight Fluffy Chicks to look after! Reading stories to them, being careful with them, and learning about the life cycle of a hen.

Week beginning 12th February 2024

Pancakes, Lent, and a whole lotta love!

Maths: 3D shape. We continued to learn the features of 3D shape this week, and we began to identify what 3D shapes we can see in everyday objects. We noticed cylinders are fire extinguishers and pencils, and cubes are dice! We then played a game to match 3D shapes to their names.

Understanding the World: the children in Reception learned a lot about our world this week, with two special celebrations, Shrove Tuesday and St Valentine’s Day, we learned about the connections they have to Lent, and to religion. Pancake Day is celebrated because people used to use up all of the things that we might give up during Lent and make pancakes, and St Valentine, married people in secret and passed secret love notes between couples in love who were in jail, a long time ago. We made love potions, cards and sent messages to each other, and on Pancake Day we voted on the toppings for our pancakes - whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate chips!

English: This week we pretended to be Shen from our story the Magic Paintbrush, and designed our own Monsters to scare away the evil Emperor. We then labelled our pictures using our phonic knowledge. 
We had lots of our own time to practise our learning, and play and learn indoors and outdoors, and we hope everyone has a fantastic half term week. Stay safe, relax and enjoy!

Mrs Fearby and the Early Years Team

Maths: consolidating our knowledge of 3D shape by building towers, matching shapes to names, and going on a shape hunt!

Shrove Tuesday - enjoying Pancake day with some special treats and learning about Lent in RE.

Valentines Day: Cards, messages, and love potions!

Learning through play: Indoors and out.

Week Beginning 5th February 2024

Chinese New Year, Computing, History, Independent Writing and Staying Safe on the internet. All in a week’s work…

Understanding the World: The Lunar New Year. This week Reception have enjoyed tasting different kinds of Chinese food, (some we liked, some we didn’t!) learning about Chinese crafts such as lantern and fan making, , learning about Chinese culture, writing, and how the lunar new year was decided, renacting the story with masks. They also did a dragon dance to end the week!

Our Wider Community: As part of Children’s Mental Health Week as a whole school we decided to wear ‘What Makes You, You.’ The children enjoyed wearing different clothes to show what they liked. We also practised some mindful techniques such as ‘calm me’ time, we talked about who we could talk to if we weren’t feeling great, and for Art we coloured our drawings from last week, when we took a line for a walk. We played calming music and focused for as long as we needed to. A very chilled out week! 

Expressive Art and Design: Every Friday Reception has a dance party, we listen to the Friday song and dance until we feel happy! We then usually play a song that the children have requested. This week was ‘Sweet Dreams’ by the Eurythmics. If you have favourite song that you like to listen to at home, send me a message on Class Dojo and we will include it on our playlist.


In Maths this week we started to learn more about 3D shapes. We looked at five common names of shapes, the features of the shapes, and we learned some songs to help us remember. When we were more confident we completed experiments to work out how the different faces of the shapes move on a surface, we made predictions - does it roll or does it slide? Then we used everyday objects that we could spot shapes within, and we tested if they moved as we had noticed with the shapes themselves.

We practised indoors then again in our play when we were outside….we decided any shape with a curve would roll, and any without would slide, a cone does both!


Reception have been following the Purple Mash scheme of work for Computing this term, as well as learning about how to use a tablet, and how to code a. Bee-Bot programme so that it gets to the end of a track, we have also learned how to keep ourselves safe on the internet with the help of a song.

’Ask your grown up, ask your grownup, ask for help, ask for help, use your tablet safely, use your tablet safely.’

We learned that we should not play anything with an age rating that is over our age, do not download anything without asking a grown up first, and also if we see anything that makes us uncomfortable, stop looking and tell a grown up. We also coloured in pieces of a jigsaw with the messages we learned.


Understanding the World; History. The children really enjoyed looking at the photos of when they were a baby! We read the story ‘Once they were Giants’ and compared what we could do then to what we can do now.


Remember to check your Class Dojo messages for the new virtual classroom links for Read, Write Inc. and have a great weekend!

Mrs Fearby and the Early Years Team

Learning through play: Physical Development, Communicating, Role Play, independent reading and writing, Maths, Art, Architecture, Cycling stunts, Photography and Physics!

Maths: 3D shape. It’s a cube, it’s a cuboid it’s a cylinder, it’s a sphere or it’s a cone!

Improving our wellbeing: Art, wearing what makes us happy, and dancing and laughing until we can’t any more!

Art and Calm Time: Reception get focused on filling in their ‘walking lines’.

Still image for this video

Dance until you feel good!

Still image for this video

The Lunar New Year: Food Tasting, learning about Chinese culture, painting Chinese numbers, dancing like dragons, and lots of crafts!

Purple Mash Computing, programming BeeBots, and Staying Safe on the Internet.