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The Open University have released reading challenges! Share the love of reading!

Hetton Lyons Cricket Club Board Game Challenge: Design a board game (or activity) that we could use as a wet weather option at our Cricket Camps.

VE Day Television Schedule:

11am – BBC One will mark a two minute silence, a moment of remembrance in which we can all pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice

2.45pm – BBC One - The Announcement of Victory – A chance to Winston Churchill’s famous speech when he addressed the British people from Downing Street and announced that the war was over in Europe.

7pm – Channel 5 – The Lost Films – Imagine the jubilation in the streets when peace was finally declared in Europe. This collection of rarely-seen clips from amateur film makers captures the mood in Britain on that historic day. Moments of fun and elation include fancy dress parades, sports matches, bands playing, piggy back races and kisses in Trafalgar Square.

8pm – BBC One – The People’s Celebration – This is the big entertainment event of the night, put on by the BBC and The Royal British Legion to show thanks to our veterans. Stars will celebrate the happy events of 1945 with popular songs from the era culminating in a rousing rendition of “We’ll Meet Again” at 9pm which the whole country is encouraged to sing along to. (This is what we have been practising for!)


VE Day - At 9pm the BBC are hosting a Dame Vera Lynn Sing-a-long. 

I wonder if you could first practise the words from one of her very famous songs titled "We'll Meet Again". 

Please find the link below:

The first lines are:

"We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, 

But I know we'll meet again some sunny day"


Surprise your teacher and send them a recording of your performance! 

VE Day

Good afternoon! This week we are looking forward to Friday's VE Day celebrations! 

Throughout this week, your teachers will be provided daily tasks that are centered around VE Day (Victory in Europe).  We really hope we can make it an event to remember and show how fantastic our school community really is, and how we can come together in such unusual times! 

Please find below some information about our community's socially distanced VE Day event!

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We know many of the children in our school are big fans of Julia Donaldson! Which is your favourite I wonder?!

Scholastic have now made all 10 of their home learning packs on many of Julia Donaldson's most popular stories absolutely free! There are an incredible selection of fun activities to do with your children alongside the books that you may have at home!


PE CHALLENGE 1 Can you do 100 different exercises?

For all you budding musicians...(sneak peek at Laura too)

St Benedict's Hospice in Ryhope have posted this message! 

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Picture 2

Our Music Tutors are starring on You Tube...

Check out the new Musical Mates YouTube channel, to click onto the lesson videos from our regular music teachers.   There are currently many videos available for Guitar; drums; violin and keyboard, but we are uploading new videos all of the time and we'll be uploading more videos for woodwind / brass and music technology (using iPads) in the next couple of days.

Who can spot Dan and Tony?

French Learning Challenges:

Have a go at some of these French Learning Challenges



Welcome to our very first Music at Home newsletter!
Like many of you at home, here at Sunderland Music Hub we've been missing taking part in our usual music activity, whether that is workshops, choirs or music lessons. For us, music activity is as much about well-being as it about progressing as musicians, and across the world we have seen examples of how music has been bringing people together at this unusual time. That being the case, we wanted to send on some activity that we thought might be fun for you to take part in from the comfort of your own living room! 
Each week we're sending on activities for families and children of all ages. Take a look at the different Early Years, Primary and Secondary resources below and pick and mix which you'd like to have a go at. 
We're bringing lots of singing activity in this week's newsletter, and before any singing it's really important to get warmed up! Here's a tongue twisting warm up activity with Singing Lead Laura to get us started. 
We hope you enjoy taking part and feel to share your music at home with us via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 



Our brilliant Early Years Lead Ashleigh is bringing you a series of bear themed activities this week. Start the activity by listening along to Ashleigh singing The Bears in Music Land here. 

  • Perform the chorus holding hands walking round in a circle.
  • Stop to perform the verses, using big actions for Daddy bear, medium actions for Mummy bear and little actions for Baby bear to emphasise the different rhythms for each bear.
  • There’s a space in the song for you to think of your own bear too. Granny bear? Grandad bear? Thomas bear? Alice bear? … you decide :)

We're sticking with the bear theme for our online resource recommendations this week.
We're sure you all know the very popular song Teddy Bear's Picnic. If not have a listen to this singalong version here. 
Get crafty with Music and Movements activities linked with the Teddy Bear's Picnic. 
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear 
 ‘Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around. Teddy bear, Teddy bear, touch with ground.
  Teddy bear, Teddy bear, tie your shoe. Teddy bear, teddy bear, that will do.’

  • Bounce a teddy on your knees to the beat whilst saying or singing the rhyme/song.
  • Use your teddy to do the actions of the song, sitting down and standing up.
  • Do actions together, standing up and using BIG actions yourself. (Without the teddy) – you could get faster and slow down here too!
  • Why don’t you set up a little picnic with your children for lunch, in the sitting room, dining room, garden? Anywhere really, get all the Teddy and cuddly toys involved too.

And if you still haven't had enough bears for one week, take a look at this list of bear-themed books from Early Learning HQ. Lots of the books are available online. Our favourite at the moment is The Bear and the Piano by David Litchfield. 
Don’t forget to send us any picture or videos of your ideas, creations, artwork, songs, dance moves, actions, we love to see everything! Enjoy your picnics :) 

Sing Up is an online resource used by schools and other settings across the country. They believe in the power of singing and have worked hard to make sure children are still able to access their activities from home. We recommend giving this playlist a go! 


Each week we will be sharing a document full of musical activities that primary aged students and their families can do at home! Here is week one, collated by the fabulous Lynne Ireland of Sunderland Music Hub and Dame Dorothy Primary School!


BBC Bring The Noise: How to Write a Song With Your Children.
Professional musicians Dame Evelyn and Omar walk you through the steps of what may seem a very daunting task: writing a song. Real focus on just jamming and having fun here, despite how the end result may sound!

Sing Up is a huge song bank that is used across schools in Sunderland and beyond. Odds are, you will have enjoyed singing some songs from Sing Up at school. To keep you singing at home, our friends at Sing Up have created a series of playlists for you to access, including this one for children aged 7-1


Grab an empty milk carton and make a bird feeder! Send me pictures of your could win a prize! 

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Liz Million has set us a little challenge.....grab some pencils and have a go at drawing some of her characters. Email them over and I'll pop them into a gallery so we can all see each other's work. I'll be adding new Liz Million challenges regularly.

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