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2 Year Olds

Welcome to our 2 Year Olds Explorers Room!

Miss Ainsley and Mrs Leightell are your Early Years Practitioners.

Week Commencing 18th March 2024 


This week we have focused on building and forming small sentences, the children enjoyed labelling various toys and resources which they could then post in a box. Key staff continuously modelled key vocabulary and small sentences when the children posted a toy in the box, such as ‘small blue car’ and ‘bumpy orange dinosaur’. We also tested the children’s memory, we asked the children if they could remember which toy they initially posted, and if they were then able to take it back out and place into the basket. This activity was carried out numerous times throughout the week, key staff observed that some children were able to sit within a small group while demonstrating the skills to turn take and follow instructions. They were also developing their language skills throughout. 

The children have demonstrated positive interactions throughout a colour sorting activity, we explored the different colours, labelled them and sorted various objects by colour. The boys and girls were able to chose a toy from the basket, identify the colour, and then place it on the correct coloured spot. The children demonstrated the skills to sit alongside their peers, turn take and share. They demonstrated good communication and language skills when using key vocabulary and follow instructions. 

Posting Box

Naming colours

Week commencing -  11th March 2024:


This week the children enjoyed painting using the paintbrushes and staff used this activity to build sentences, as they talked to them about what they are doing and thinking. Including, what they were wearing, e.g. an apron and what items they were going to use e.g. a paintbrush and how they look and feel.  Staff also talked to the children about the colours they chose and the marks or patterns they were making and encouraged both colour recognition and colour mixing. The children especially enjoyed painting their hands to create handprints and also the sensory tactile element!


We also promoted the children’s physical development through different activities both indoors and outdoors, in the School Hall they explored the benches and moved along them in different ways, including balancing, crawling and pulling themselves forward on their tummies using their upper body strength. Then outdoors the children enjoyed sitting on the wheeled toys, such as the ride along cars and tricycles, during this play the children used the large gross-motor leg muscles to move around and they were also able to change direction and are beginning to avoid obstacles in their path.


The children have throughly enjoyed building with the Duplo Lego Blocks and staff encouraged the children to make other creations not just towers, building horizontally as well as vertically. 


On Friday we also celebrated the charitable event - Comic Relief, where we came to Nursery dressed in red clothing and we enjoyed engaging in some red water play, where we did some pouring, filling and emptying! 

Week commencing - 4th March 2024


This week we celebrated World Book Day, the children came to Nursery from Monday - Wednesday as themselves (readers), dressed as their favourite book character or in their Pyjamas ready for a bedtime story!  The children throughout the week, enjoyed looking at books independently as well as sharing stories with staff and they showed interest in the illustrations, including during our Reading Cafe that we held on Friday, where our parents and carers were invited along to explore our brand new core book collection! 

Again this week, following on from the children’s recent interest of mark making and how they have started to make marks intentionally. Staff offered a wide range of different materials and encouraged the children to make marks in different ways, including exploring paint using their fingers as well as brushes as they made their Mother’s Day Cards for their Mammies for this coming Sunday! 

The children enjoyed exploring the Stacking Cups and Blocks and as well as building towers, they used the method of trial and error to combine them by putting them inside of each other and them taking them out again. During this time, staff encouraged counting and the children developed counting-like behaviour, such as making sounds, pointing or saying some numbers in sequence and sometimes skipping numbers. Staff also encouraged to the children to compare the sizes of the Stacking Cup and Blocks by using gestures and language of both size and weight, such as; “bigger/little/smaller” and “heavy/light”.


Additionally, the children enjoyed visiting the Reception classroom to see the eggs and the baby chicks that have recently hatched as part of the Living Eggs programme, which offers the experience and observation of life cycles, growth and development.  It also encourages social interaction and promotes caring and nurturing skills.

Week Commencing Monday 26th February 2024 


Welcome back everyone, we hope that you all had a lovely relaxing break during the half term. 


Key staff are delighted with how well our newest 2 year olds have settled, the nursery environment is becoming more familiar to them, and they are beginning to understand that their grown ups will only be gone a short while. They are developing bonds with both key staff and their peers, while also developing the skills to explore the environment more confidently and independently. 


We have had another busy fun filled week! 

The children have particularly enjoyed exploring the duplo building blocks and construction blocks. Some children made structures by stacking them one on top of the other, they have also been developing their number knowledge when randomly counting the blocks as they were stacked. Other children enjoyed using their imaginations when playing, they were pretending that their blocks represented something other than a tower. Such as a house, or their grown ups.   


The children have been demonstrating a huge interest in marking making, exploring the crayons, pencils and chalk. Some children are developing the skills to give meaning to their marks, they are able to form short sentences, such as " my mammy" "my daddy" "a flower." Some children just wanted to draw freely, developing their hand eye co ordination and fine motor skills.  


We have had great fun exploring the play dough, to further develop our fine motor skills. The children have enjoyed rolling, patting, pinching and cutting while also using a variety of tools, such as cutters and rolling pins. Key staff worked alongside the children, modelling key vocabulary throughout while also asking what and who questions. 


We have explored the outdoor environment, developing our gross motor skills when running, jumping, dancing, hopping and kicking a large ball, the children also enjoyed playing on the bikes and cars. 

Week beginning - 12th February 2024:


This week following on from the children’s interests, we incorporated a ‘Hair Salon’ into the  role play area, the children enjoyed exploring the different hairdressing equipment and exploring the hairdressing modelling head.  The children then engaged in imaginative play and then took turns to play with both the staff and their peer’s hair.  Staff labelled the different hairdressing equipment, modelled how to use them as well as engaging in role play with the children and emphasised key vocabulary throughout.


The children also had great fun engaging in some music and movement, where they sang and danced along to a variety of songs and rhymes, including ones that were familiar to them as well as being introduced to some new ones! We also enhanced this further by adding and exploring other related resources, such as; a microphone, Pom-Poms, ribbons, scarves and musical instruments. 

The children this week enjoyed building towers using a variety of different resources, including the Sensory Illuminated Glow Roller Shakers, the Early Years Natural Building Block Set and the Duplo, where they built towers of 4+ by balancing and stacking them vertically one on top of the other. Staff encouraged the children to count their towers and that building towers and then them falling down and building them back up is all part of the fun!  

Additionally, the children creatively made a Valentine’s card for their family and decorated biscuits that they had a snack and took home for their loved ones! Then we also celebrated Shrove Tuesday and had Lana cakes and various toppings as a yummy treat at snack time! 


Week Commencing 5th February 2024 


We have all had another busy fun filled week of learning and exploring, the children have accessed a wide range of activities and learning through play opportunities. 
The boys and girls have demonstrated a huge interest in role play, especially with the babies/dolls. Key staff facilitated this interest by planning a changing and dressing activity. Key staff modelled how to gently handle the babies, while also modelling how to dress/undress the baby, and change a nappy. The children worked alongside their peers, maintained focus for a short period of time, while also demonstrating the skills to follow instructions. Key staff offered support throughout as some children found it a little ‘tricky’ when fastening the sticky parts of the nappy, however they demonstrated determination. Key staff modelled key vocabulary throughout this activity while also asking questions, offering time for the children to respond and to talk about any real life experiences that they may of had. 


We also explored the sensory shakers, we looked at the different colours when they lit up. Some children were able to label the colours through observation. We talked about the noise that they made when they were shook hard, fast and slow. The children enjoyed observing, shaking and rolling them, again key staff modelled key vocabulary and asked questions, such as what and who. The boys and girls previously made their own shakers using rice, pasta and lentils. They enjoyed observing a different form of shakers, playing alongside their peers, while also developing the skills to turn take and share. 

The children enjoyed a tasty treat this week, this was to coincide with Chinese New Year… The year of the Rat 🐀. The boys and girls expressed their likes and dislikes through a food tasting activity. They all had the opportunity to taste spring rolls, egg fried rice, egg noodles, prawn crackers and curry sauce. Key staff were pleasantly surprised to watch the children give everything a try, while being able to say what they did or didn’t like. The children demonstrated good hand eye co ordination and fine motor skills when using a fork to feed themselves. 


Dressing the babies

Sensory Shakers

Chinese New Year



Week beginning - 29th January 2024:


This week we focused on children’s listening and attention, they enjoyed filling up some cups with dried rice, pasta and lentils before adding colourful cellophane to make shakers! The children then enjoyed making a noise with their shaker, staff playfully encouraged them to listen to the sounds and to also try and copy the sounds or very simple beats! We also incorporated them into our song time/singing too! 

This week we also engaged in some simple role play in to the water area, where the children had fun bathing the dolls, using the sponges.  We also added bubble bath, toy ducks and boats to the water.  During this time staff, modelled key related vocabulary and extended the children’s play by challenging them to wash different body parts of the dolls and the children also made the connection and spoke about their own bath times at home.  

This week we also have accessed the Sensory Room, the children had a relaxing and stimulating time in the Ball Pool, as well as exploring the step and sound discs, the large textured discs and the sensory bubble tube and pressing the buttons to change the colour of it! 

Additionally, the children playfully engaged with the play dough, where they explored the texture as well as manipulating the malleable material using both their hands and also tools, such as the rolling pins and cutters.  The children had fun exploring the toy garage, pushing the vehicles up and down the ramps and using the method of trial and error to operate the lift by turning the handle around.  

Week commencing Monday 22nd January 2024 


We have all had another fantastic week exploring and investigating. The children have participated in many activities to further develop their learning.
We explored the peg puzzles and shape sorter, some children were able to complete the puzzles through trial and error, others 
were able to complete the puzzles with support from key staff. They have been developing the skills to follow instructions and focus their attention for a short period of time.

The boys and girls have enjoyed exploring the Heuristic area, key staff worked alongside everyone to model key language, and to ask relevant questions about the different materials. Some children enjoyed sorting the different resources, transporting and stacking, while some enjoyed emptying them from one basket to another.

We also had great fun learning through sensory exploration, staff modelled key vocabulary while also asking questions to prompt the children when exploring the shaving foam. They enjoyed squashing it through their fingers, clapping it in their hands and smelling it. 

Peg Puzzles

Heuristic Play

Sensory Exploration

Week beginning - 15th January 2024


Last week the children showed an interest in animals but we observed that they were unsure of quite a few of the names of animals.  Children’s small world play is often based around a certain theme depending on their interests, in which we adapted our small world area to fit with this specific learning theme and used it to target this certain area of learning.  Small world play allows children to act out scenarios (scenes from real life, stories they have heard and/or from their imagination) in a miniature play scene, created with small figures and objects. The children enjoyed exploring the wild/jungle animals in the tuff-spot tray and also the wooden farm blocks, as well as the sea creatures within the water tray. During their play, the children labelled some of the animals, making the noises of the animals or saying what the animals were doing. The children this week also engaged in a creative printing activity where they took turns to put the toy animals into paint so that their feet were covered and then stomped them over the paper and looked at the different tracks created/left behind. The children had fun looking at animal related books both independently and with staff, such as ‘Dear Zoo, Oh Dear’ and many more! Where they enjoyed looking at and labelling the illustrations as they lifted the flaps and felt the different textures of a variety of books. The children also actively participated in singing songs and rhymes about animals, ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’ being a firm favourite! As well by using the animals puppets during story and singing offered an entertaining approach to introducing new concepts to the children. Additionally, the children promoted their physical skills both fine and gross motor by completing the animal peg puzzles and taking turns on the Rocking Horse.

Week Commencing Monday 8th January 2024 


Happy New Year Everyone! 
We hope that you all had a well deserved rest and a lovely Christmas with family and friends. 

The 2 year old room has welcomed some new little faces into our setting at the start of the new term, they have all been amazing! Each child has settled brilliantly, they have enjoyed exploring all of the different areas while also demonstrating particular interests. The boys and girls have demonstrated an interest in filling and emptying when playing in the water, they have been developing their mark making skills when drawing freely, and they have loved making different sounds when exploring the musical instruments. Some children have demonstrated a particular interest in animals, we are going to further develop this interest over the coming weeks. 

Fun, Fun, Fun