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Christmas Jumper Day

What a fun, festive day we have had. The children looked awesome in their Christmas jumpers. We had a delicious Christmas lunch. Then ran it off in our Santa dash. We've even had time this week to make Christmas decorations for our school Christmas tree!

Friday 19th November


Another brilliant week this week for Amber Class. In English we have wrote our own version of the animated clip Feast. We have written the story from another character's point of view. In Maths, we have learnt to multiply and divide by 10 and 100. 


This afternoon in Science, we investigated how our stomachs help to digest our food. We put jelly babies into vinegar to see the effects this has on the jelly babies. The vinegar represents the acids in our stomachs. We have also been able to label the different parts of the digestive system and explain what each part does. 


In Geography, we have been learning all about the United Kingdom. We have looked at the countries that make up the UK, capital cities of those countries and cities in the UK. We have learnt lots of facts about where the different cities are. 

Amber Class have had a brilliant afternoon at AAA sports. We took part in gymnastics and trampolining. 


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What a brilliant start to this half term. Amber Class have worked amazingly this week. In maths we have been learning all about length and perimeter. Ask your child how many centimetres are in a metre and how many metres are in a kilometre. They'll surprise you with their excellent conversion skills.


In English we have started a new narrative based on the Disney film clip Feast. The children are really enjoying it and have started to write their own versions of the story. 


In PSHCE we have started talking about differences and how we can celebrate people's differences. The children have been very respectful. 


Keep practising those times tables year 4! I'll look forward to seeing the awesome work you produce next week.

 Art Work


Below is a sample of our art work and a picture of our class display. In the first week of term we discussed our hopes and dreams for the future. Some children shared the career aspirations and other children focused our goals for this year. It was lovely to read the children's hopes and dreams and get to know them better!

What a busy half term we have had!


The children have worked extremely hard this half term and I am super proud of them all. We have packed in a lot of learning and laughs! 


In English we have looked at a picture book called The Whale and wrote our own short narrative about a little girl who goes on an adventure to discover a mystical creature. We have also wrote a diary entry in the first person, retelling the events of the adventure. The children have tried to improve their writing by including fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions. Well done!


In Maths, we have covered two units of work. One was place value and then we moved on to addition and subtraction. I have been very impressed at the children's understanding of written methods they can use to work out calculations including four digit numbers. We have also practised our times tables lots this half term as we need to know all of our tables up to 12x12. Children have a log in for times table rockstars. Please can children use this website to practise their times tables. Children also have a login for numbots which helps them practise their fluency skills. 


In history we have been learning about the Romans. Last week, we took part in a workshop with Durham University. John was able to zoom in to the classroom and share lots of different roman artefacts that they had in the museum at Durham. We had lots of fun trying to guess what the artefacts were used for. 


In art we have looked at different skills with Miss Carr. We have practised our drawing skills by focusing on the artist Bridget Riley. We had lots of fun colouring and using lines in different ways to create different effects. Look at some of our work on the website. 


Well done for all your hard work this half term Year 4. I can't wait to see what fabulous work you produce next half term!

Sunderland Climbing Wall


Amber Class have had an amazing time at Hetton Comp today. They have taken part in rock climbing, archery and caving. The children had so much fun. Ask them all about it!