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Children can still read lots of book in the free e-library by following the link and logging in with your class username and passwords. Grown-ups can register on the site and children can continue to read phonetically decodable books on screen. This will make sure that all our super readers can access high quality texts while we're not in school. If you have any problems accessing the site, please get in touch with class teachers - they'll be happy to help.


In January 2021, we purchased the full e-book subscription! 550 wonderful books all for us. Your teachers will be sending out specific links to books they would like you to read. Even better news is that lots of them are also accelerated reader texts!

You'll find our heads stuck in books at all times throughout the day - but - especially from 8.50am to 9.20am. We have recently introduced Accelerated Reader from Year 2 upwards and if we're not reading, we're quizzing and if we're not reading or quizzing then we're following text on Reading Plus. In Reception and Year 1, you'll find us busy reading texts that match our current phonic ability. We also have lots and lots of high quality core texts in our classrooms too. Some of us even read at playtime!