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2 Year Olds

Week commencing 4th April 2022 Spring 2 


Tweddle Farm 🚜 


WOW… What a wonderful day we all had at Tweddle Farm. We all had a brilliant time going on an adventure to explore the wider community to extend upon the children’s interest of farm animals. Our visit to the farm links in nicely with our ‘Easter’ topic. 
A great day was had by all including children, parents and staff. 


The trip to the farm offered a variety of learning opportunities that they may have missed out on during the pandemic. The children were able to extend their key vocabulary when identifying various animals and observing the natural environment. 
The children were able to enhance their physical development by being encouraged to walk around the farm, climbing the steps to ride along on the tractor and having fun in both the indoor and outdoor soft play area. The children were also offered opportunities to take risks safely while an adult was close by.  
The children were able to develop their social skills by meeting new people while exploring an unfamiliar environment. 



Week commencing 28th March 2022 Spring 2 


Chick’s 🐣🐥🐣🐥 


We are very excited about the arrival of the ‘living chicks’. The children within the 2 year old provision have enjoyed observing the chicks daily. They have been able to observe the chicks before and after the hatching process. 
The children have demonstrated positive behaviour and a positive attitude, while following key instructions when viewing the chicks. The children have also demonstrated good communication and language skills while using a wide range of vocabulary when talking about the chicks. 
We have had the opportunity to hold the chicks once they had hatched, some children had a hold while others decided to just have a little look. 


Following on from the ‘living chicks’ we supported the children with doing an observational painting of a chick. 
The children demonstrated good understanding and creative skills. 


Living Chicks

Observational Painting of a chick

Week commencing 21st march 2022          Spring 2



With the weather changing into beautiful sunshine this week, the children have enjoyed spending time exploring in the garden. 
We have had lots of fun exploring the outdoors, playing and developing friendships along the way. 

Week commencing 14th March 2022 Spring 2 


Comic relief day 


Today we asked for families to sponsor a Sunflower to raise money to help people in Ukraine. Well done everyone for taking part. 
The children enjoyed going up to the main school hall where they were able to plant their very own Sunflower. We are very excited to watch them grow. 

The children have also created a Sunflower picture which will be laminated and used as part of a display. 




Sunflower pictures

Sunflower planting

Week commencing 7th March 2022 Spring 2


The children have enjoyed exploring the fresh vegetables from within the role play area. They have enjoyed acting out real life experiences with the real food and taking on a role when pretending to be the customer and the shop keeper. 
The children are developing the skills to turn take and share the resources while also building their confidence when playing alongside their peers. They are also developing their communication and language skills when interacting with one another. 

To enhance and follow on from the interests of the children from within the role play area we supported the children with using the fresh vegetables to create their own vegetable print pictures. We discussed the different vegetables, smells and textures. The children used a range of vocabulary when creating their picture. 

Vegetable Printing

Week commencing 28th February 2022 Spring 2 



World book day 📚

We have all had a lovely day celebrating World Book Day. The children have had great fun dressing up as their favourite book characters. Some children brought their favourite story books into school to share with their friends. 

Welcome to our shop… Next customer please!

We have all had a lot of fun exploring the newly set up role play shop. The children are able to act out real life experiences and are able to initiate play with their peers. The children are playing alongside each other and extended their play. The children are beginning to develop their confidence when engaging in play with others. 



Pancake Day! 🥞


We have had a very delicious day taste testing the pancakes. The children enjoyed choosing their own favourite toppings of chocolate sauce, jam and fruit. 

Pancake Day…. mmmmm delicious 🥞

Week commencing 14th February 2022 Spring 1 


Valentines Day… 


We have had a lot of fun taking part in various Valentines Day activities, we talked about the important people in our lives who we love. 

We enjoyed gluing and sticking to create a beautiful Valentines Day card for our loved ones, we also had fun baking our own love heart shaped biscuits. 

Valentines Day

Week commencing 31st January 2022 Spring 1 


This week we have enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year. We listened to a short poem and watched a video about the celebration. 
The children enjoyed creating their own Chinese lanterns with the collage resources and glue. 

Everyone enjoyed taking part in a Chinese food tasting activity, we tasted spring rolls, prawn crackers, noodles and dips. 


Celebrating Chinese New Year

Week commencing 24th January 2022  Spring 1 


What a fantastic adventure that we have been on today. We had a lot of fun going on the bus to visit our local library in the centre of Houghton. The children were offered the opportunity to explore all of the different story books. The children enjoyed sitting in the reading area while we shared a story together. 

A visit to Houghton Library

Week commencing 17th January 2022 Spring term 1  


We have had a fantastic week so far in our 2 year old room. We have enjoyed going for lovely walks along to the park and to the shops in Hetton. We also stopped off at the Hetton Centre Cafe for juice and crumpets 😊. 
We are extremely proud of our 2 year old children! They were very well behaved, polite and demonstrated excellent listening skills throughout our little outing. 



Who’s that walking over my bridge?

A trip to Tesco to buy the ingredients for our delicious pasta.

Snack time everyone.

The children have been exploring different ways of making marks. They have enjoyed using the vehicles to create these marks. We had a lot of fun pushing the cars through the different coloured paint to form track marks. The children were able to identify the different colours, they were able to focus on this activity and demonstrate positive behaviour when playing alongside their friends. 

Vehicle printing

The children have been demonstrating a huge interest in pretend play, acting out real life experience when exploring the role play area. They have been using the role play food to extend their play. Some of the children have demonstrated an interest of pretending that the role play area is a restaurant. 

The children were thrilled to see what we have changed the role play area into… an Italian restaurant. 
We have enjoyed exploring different foods and making our own pizza. 

Mmmmm Pizza…. Delicious!

Week commencing 10th January 2022 Spring 1 


We have all had a lot of fun since returning back to nursery after Christmas. We have enjoyed exploring various different activities. 



Jack and the Beanstalk

Bubble wrap printing

Junk modelling

week beginning 13th December 2021  Autumn 2


Christmas party


We had a wonderful fun filled party with our friends. All children had a dance in the hall, before heading back into the room for a game of pass the parcel. The children were all engaged and showed excellent turn taking skills. 
After our games we headed into nursery for some party food before a special guest arrived. The  children were so excited when Santa came to say hello and give us a little something for been so good. 


Week commencing 13.12.21 Autumn 2 


We have had a lot of fun practising our Christmas songs. We were very excited to sing in front of our grown ups.

Christmas carol’s around the tree

week commencing 6th December 2021. Autumn 2


Santa dash


The children have had great fun participating in a whole school Santa dash today. 

week commencing 6th December 2021. Autumn 2


What a fantastic and exciting week the children have had. We have had lots of fun been creative with a variety of materials to create our Christmas gifts. 
The children loved showing off their cutting skills as they cut pictures of toys for their Christmas letters to Santa. Reindeer dust was a big hit with the children as they explored using a variety of spoons and funnels. We have made our own salt dough, the children counted as we measured the ingredients, then used the rolling pins and cutters for their designs. 


Week Commencing 29th November 2021  Autumn 2 


The children within the two year old room have had a brilliant time exploring the snow today. 
We have had a lot of fun forming footprints in the snow, making snowballs and chasing our friends. 
We discussed what the snow feels like, the children were able to tell us that the snow feels cold and soft. 

Fun in the snow!

Week commencing 22nd November 2021  



Wow what a fantastic week! Following the children's interests in looking after the dolls, we brought out some pushchairs and washed the dolls in the bath. The children engaged in imaginative play and they were so loving towards their “babies” as they read them stories and fed them some dinner. Some of the children also pretended to take them for walks to the shops and the park. All the children were brilliant at bathing them, they were so gentle, making sure they were safe. They loved talking about the babies heads, how you need to be careful with them.


Week commencing 22nd November 2021.  Autumn 2



The children have loved been builders in the construction area this week. They have enjoyed dressing up and acting out the roles of builders. We also went to look at the construction vehicles that are building our new school. The children loved watching and talking about what was happening. We had a surprise visit from a big digger that we were able to look at up close. The children were particularly interested in looking at how big it was. We talked about what the digger might be used for. 

week commencing 15th November 2021


After reading the story The Gingerbread Man,  the children enjoyed making gingerbread people, decorating them once cooked and cooled. 
We had lots of fun listening to the story, wearing our character masks and retelling parts. 
The children enjoyed exploring the ginger scented  playdough, using rolling pins and cutters to make gingerbread people. 

Week commencing 8th November Autumn 2 


We have had a lot of fun this week in preparation for Remembrance Day. The children have been extremely busy making decorations for our Remembrance Day garden display. The children have also enjoyed decorating biscuits and making poppies using the play doh and various other materials. 

Monday 8th November 2021      Autumn 2


The children have been displaying an interest in making cakes during pretend play. We have baked some fairy cakes with the children today following on from their interest.  The children loved measuring and mixing all the ingredients together. 
The children were excited to take their cakes to the kitchen where they asked the dinner lady to cook them for us. 
We shared lots of ideas about what we could put on our cake when it was cooked, the children suggested sprinkles and chocolate. 






Monday 1st November 2021  Autumn 2


The children within the 2 year old room have been demonstrating an interest in Goldilocks And The Three Bears. 
The children have enjoyed exploring various activities related to the traditional tale of Goldilocks, the children particularly enjoyed the porridge tasting activity. 



Thursday 4th November 2021 Autumn 2 


Today within the 2 year old room we have been learning about ‘Diwali’ the festival of light. 
The children enjoyed listening to a short poem and taking part in a adult lead creative activity. The children created Diva Lamps in celebration of Diwali. 

Porridge Tasting