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Week beginning - 03.05.2022:


This week in Nursery we have been working on group time situations which allows the children to come together to share thoughts and ideas, listen and converse to each other, participate in new learning experiences, introduce new concepts, read and collaborate with each other during self registration, story time and singing. 

The children have been actively involved and Miss Ainsley and Miss Laydon have often been able to increase the length of time for the Pre-School children by the way they reacted, showing that they were ready for more! 


Group time is an important part of our day in Nursery and offers various opportunities for learning and developing important skills:

  • Gaining confidence: Children are allowed to express feelings and ideas to a group without judgment. Children have the opportunity to gain confidence as they speak in front of their peers.
  • Routine and Planning: Children love routine and know exactly when it’s time for group time. By planning out the intentional activities for the day and setting expectations, children are able to navigate through their day and predict the routine.
  • A sense of community: At group time the children feel a sense of belonging as they collaborate and discuss. They learn that each child is a valued member of the group as they are provided with opportunities to hear their voices and opinions heard.
  • Opportunities for deep learning: During group time, we often delve deeper into our interests which offers opportunities for learning new skills, ideas and concepts.
  • School readiness: some of the children start Reception in September and Group time allows children to get ready for learning in a setting which is familiar to school. They build up important skills such as ‘whole body listening’, increased concentration and active listening skills.

Week beginning - 25.04.2022: 


This week at Nursery we have been working and playing together in either pairs or small groups to establish the basic rules of turn taking and practice this by using simple activities, such as; building towers with the wooden blocks, blowing bubbles, dominoes, picture lotto games and hoopla

Miss Ainsley and Miss Laydon model turning taking for the children when they engage in play, making it very clear to the child whose turn it is by using the children’s names as well as direct language to state when it is time to take turns, supporting the children learn to appropriately take turns.  

The Pre-School children began to pick up on the order of the turn taking between themselves and their peers and could play cooperatively in slightly larger groups (3-6 children).


Taking turns comes before sharing and they impart vital life skills, as they teach children about fairness and compromise, how to negotiate with others and also that it’s about the taking part that counts! Turn taking is not only an important social skill that young children need to learn but it also plays a significant role in building communication skills too, back and forth exchange is the essence of meaningful communication!

Week beginning - 04.04.2022:


This week, the children have been actively participating in activities related to Easter to celebrate the event!  The children enjoyed making chocolate Easter nest cakes, they listened well and followed staff instructions to add and mix the ingredients before transferring into a paper cake case and adding a little chick for decoration. The children also made cards for their family, they made some bunny ears to wear, creatively decorated some hard boiled eggs and joined in an Egg hunt! Additionally, one of the children kindly brought into Nursery their pet rabbits in for the children to see, stroke and hold and we also did the same with the chicks and we could not believe how much they have grown since last week! 

🐣 Living Eggs πŸ₯


Living Eggs provides a life cycle education programme that enables children to see chicks hatching from their eggs. The children throughly enjoyed this observational experience and they have developed their knowledge and understanding of life cycles, growth and development. Additionally, the programme has also encouraged social interaction and promoted caring and nurturing skills amongst the children, as well as getting them excited to celebrate Easter!



Week beginning - 28.03.2022:


After making Mother’s Day cards last week for their Mammies, staff observed and decided that the children needed a little further practice of tracing their names! The children did really well, showing hand-eye coordination as well as developing their pencil control and pincer grip. Additionally, some of the children recognised their name in print and also labelled the letters in their names, spelling them out!


✏️ Tracing helps children refine their pre-writing skills and builds foundation for drawing and writing letters and words. 



🌻 Sponsor a Sunflower Day - (18.02.2022):  πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦


Today, we are replaced Comic Red Nose Day with a special 'Sponsor a Sunflower Day' to support those affected in Ukraine. The children had fun getting creative and collaged some Sunflowers that we are going to display in and around our Nursery outdoor area to show solidarity and they also individually planted a Sunflower seed, that they are going to take care of and water and watch them grow! 

Week beginning - 14.03.2022:


This week’s interest was ‘Superheroes’, the children had fun making their own masks as well as dressing up, they did very well, trying to or putting on the costumes independently and then engaging in some imaginative play! We also read the story of ‘Supertato’ and the children actively participated in a craft activity where they made their own Supertato characters using different media and materials. Next, we read ‘Superworm’ and the children had fun during messy play as they explored some cooked spaghetti in soil and we also did some string printing pictures and made wiggly worms by rolling the playdough. Additionally, the children enjoyed using the tweezers/tongs to pick up the spiders from the tuff-spot tray spiderweb and doing some threading making spiderwebs, like Spider-Man using paper plates and string!

Week beginning - 07.03.2022:


This week with staff support and encouragement the children were able to follow and complete several different Patterning Challenge Cards - repeating simple patterns based on quantity, size and colours. The children sought challenge and showed a can do attitude, whilst also displaying attention to detail and maintaining focus for a period of time! Staff observed that the children could do AB patterns more easily and independently in comparison to patterns involving more than 2 colours or variables.  For children, repeating patterns is a great way of testing recognition and problem-solving, alongside aiding teaching towards mathematics for counting, shapes, space & measure.

πŸ“šWorld Book Day - (03.03.2022):


Today we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters and participated in a range of different play activities in each area, where Miss Ainsley or Miss Laydon incorporated and read us a story related to that area of play and learning!


We also enjoyed sharing the books that we brought in from home with each other and Mrs Hill read to us the book - ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ at Story time! Additionally, at Snack time we read the ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea!’ 



πŸ₯ž Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Day - (01.03.2022):


Today, the children throughly enjoyed some messy play, they followed instructions well and added and mixed all the ingredients from the Pancake recipe together in the tuff spot tray using the different utensils. The children then engaged in some imaginative play as well as some pouring, filling and emptying using the pots and pans from the Home Corner.


Also the children had fun making marks and drawing the toppings that they like or would add to make their perfect pancake! Then at snack time, the children enjoyed some pancakes as a yummy treat to celebrate the day, they picked what toppings they would like and independently added them to their pancake before eating them all up!!