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Week beginning - 18.07.2022:


This week the children enjoyed a range of different water and ice play activities to keep them cool during this extremely hot weather, they had fun washing the crockery, cutlery, pots and pans from the Home Corner with the scrubbing brushes and cloths and showed hand-eye coordination as they played ‘Hook a Duck’ in the water filled tuff-spot tray.  The children also actively participating in science and sensory play, where they used the wooden hammers to break the ice to release the toy animals and dinosaurs that were frozen it in.  During this time, Miss Ainsley discussed with the children about changing states (i.e. solids and liquids) and how water turns to ice when frozen and how when ice melts it turns into water.  Additionally, the children developed their fine-motor skills and independence as they made their own ice cream cones, only needing a little staff support. They scooped on the ice cream and then opted to add chocolate sprinkles, flake and dessert sauce before tucking into their tasty treats!

Week beginning - 11.07.2022:


Every Thursday morning since returning after half term at the beginning of June, the children have been actively participating in a weekly music and movement session with Lauren from Active Families North East CIC.  The children follow instructions well and model what the adults are doing following the song words, moving and expressing themselves freely developing their gross-motor skills and coordination whilst also having lots of fun! 

Week beginning - 04.07.2022:


This week the children showed an interest in Dinosaurs, in which we set up the tuff-spot tray with artificial grass, added pebbles and log pieces along with a selection of different dinosaurs.  The children engaged in small world play, a lot of roaring took place and one of the children loves Dinosaurs and knew all the names of them and informed their peers of what they are!  Following on from this the children enjoyed working together in small groups to complete the Giant Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle using the method of trial and error to rotate and connect all the pieces together. The children also had great fun making salt dough fossils creating imprints using the toy dinosaurs.  

Week beginning - 27.06.2022:


This week, the children actively participated in a group activity with several of their peers, where with staff prompting they took turns and also increasingly followed the rules to match pairs during a simple memory game. The visual memory and discrimination involved and the identification of patterns and relationships and similarity and difference support children to learn about early representation and problem solving and other benefits to playing memory games are improving:

  • short term memory 
  • visual recognition 
  • language building
  • concentration and attention 
  • critical thinking
  • fine-motor skills
  • confidence and social skills


Week beginning - 20.06.2022:


Following on from last week, this week the children matched the selection of handprints not only by colour but by size, making comparisons between the handprints.  Additionally, the children showed hand-eye coordination as they effectively pegged the handprints into pairs.  Also the children enjoyed exploring the Rainbow Architect Blocks and were able to order them by size from “little to big” and then “big to little” (i.e. ‘large - small’).  After this they matched the different shaped blocks by colour to “make houses” and then made imaginative and complex ‘small worlds’ with the blocks by building and balancing them together and on top of each other! 



Today, the children received a treat as an Ice Cream Van visited the school, the children throughly enjoyed either an Ice Cream Cone or Ice Lolly and it cooled them down on the warmest day of the year so far! 🌤 🥵 

Week beginning - 13.06.2022:


This week the children engaged in some adult directed matching activities, where they classified and sorted items that were “the same” by colour, shape and size. The children developed their knowledge and understanding of what a ‘pair’ means and reasoning by identifying the ‘odd one out’. Once the children grouped/classified the items, staff then encouraged them to compare the items further to learn more specific similarities and differences between items both within and between matched groups.


Classification is a fundamental pre-number learning concept that children learn about the world around them. Children need to learn how to sort and classify before they are able to move onto work that involves numbers  because they need to know what they are counting, before they are able to actually count them. 

Week beginning - 08.06.2022:


Since the children really enjoyed playing with the toy till and exploring money as part of our Jubilee related activities before half term, we decided to change the Role-Play area from a Home Corner to a Supermarket.  The children this week have engaged in imaginative play, where they have took turns to be both the Cashier and also the Customer.  The children enjoyed pretending to make shopping lists and filling and emptying the basket, shopping trolley and shopping bag as well as further developing their knowledge and understanding of money.  Additionally, many of the children shared and spoke about their experiences of going shopping with their family members within their home environment.