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Friday 13th May

Class Dojo Champions: Oscar, Aiyla, Michael, Leon and Alex, Nicole, Evie, Thomas and Kevin.


Stars of the week: Hunter and William for their work on doubles, Sarah and Eliyah for always being kind to others, Chloe for trying hard in everything all week, Mason for super speedy sounds, Isaac H for independent writing, Carlton for his determination and confidence in Phonics, Jacob for a fantastic piece of writing, Aston for having a great week, Lola for always working hard, Flynn for having a great first week, Hadley for his enthusiasm in Maths.

A special mention to all of Reception for sitting at tables and writing together this week!

And year 6! You've been amazing all week and have shown everyone that you are the BEST! So proud of you all!

Friday 6th May 2022

Class Dojo Champions: Jack, Oscar, Fleur, Leon, Dexter and Amelia A.


Stars of the week: Mary-Jane for super handwriting, Ivan for his Phonics, Lucy for excellent story comprehension, Rebecca for trying her best all week, Isabelle for fantastic answers in reading, Carl for knowing his multiplication and division facts, Romeo, Lincoln, Carlton, Isaac and Terri-Mae for writing sentences independently, Grayson W for working hard on his sentences in English, Jake S for an excellent week, Lyle and Elliott for reading to everyone in Breakfast Club.

A special shout-out to all of Year 6 for all of their hard work this school year! We wish you all of the luck in the world for next week! You are one smart cookie!!

Friday 29th April

Class Dojo Champions: Freddie, Tedi, Matthew, Ruby, Carl, Ethan, Ella and Lacey


Stars of the week: Lyle for his fabulous History and Maths, Ellie-May for a great first week back, Ethan C for his amazing knowledge of numbers to 20, Aiyla for always giving 100% in everything she does, Jacob and Leo for their reading, Alfie for a brilliant week, Bridie for being a team player and always trying her best, Booby-Joe for working so hard in Phonics, Lily DG for having an amazing week, Saffron for her fantastic effort in Science, Amiya for super sentences in English, Jessica for her great Maths work, Jake and Niall for always giving 100% in all lessons.

And an extra special mention to Reception Class for such a fantastic week and their outstanding behaviour at Hall Hill Farm. So proud!

Friday 8th April

Class Dojo Champions: Rosalie, Isaac H, Leon E, Leon C, Josh F, Kaden, Naomi W and Lacey 


Stars of the week:

Bobby Joe for trying so hard, Ivan for having a super week and coming in each day with a smile on his face, Rosalie for trying really hard to improve her handwriting, Terri-Mae for knowing all of her speedy sounds, Oliver M for a super non-chronological report on sea-turtles, Mason for outstanding attitude and effort in Phonics, Jessica for being kind, Bridie for always being helpful and kind, Layla for her confidence in phonics, Thomas for an outstanding week in all lessons, Levi for a huge improvement in his work this half term, Ronnie and Katelyn for an amazing scary story.


Attendance awards were given out with 3 children achieving 100%: Jacob, Isaac G and Leon C!


What a great end to a fantastic half term! Happy Easter everyone!


Friday 1st April 2022

French awards: Alex R, Kalli-Jo, Darla, Jak, Aston and Declan!

Well done everyone!


Class Dojo Champions: William, Carlton, Michael, Bridget, Darla, Connor and Leah.


Stars of the week: 

Mary-Jane for growing in confidence with her reading and writing, Jack S for helping his friends learn about the Amazon Rainforest, Isaac H for super reading, Riley and Esmai for amazing reading, Logan for trying really hard all week, Hadley and Jacob for their super effort with writing, Elliot S for amazing progress in phonics, Jaiden for being an excellent role model on the Y4 trip, Jak for giving 100% in all lessons, Stephen for working hard in all lessons, Ethan H for his super reading, Aaliyah for her hard work in Maths and Lacey for a fantastic week.

So proud of everyone! It's been an amazing week!

Friday 25th March

Class Dojo Champion: Saffiya, Bobby Joe, Eliyah, Ella, William, Lexi and Sid.


Stars of the week:

Harry for speedy reading and great answers, Hunter for super reading and writing, Harry S for always trying his best, Lucy for super sentences, Rebecca for fantastic art work, Lewis and Kalli-Jo for amazing writing, Levi for giving 100% all week and all of Year 6 - what a superb week showing us all how much progress they've made.

Well done to all year groups who have worked hard on their NFER assessments.

Friday 11th March 2022

Class Dojo Champions:

Jack, Charles, Grayson, Alicia, Bridie, Amelia and Leila.


Stars of the week:

Mary-Jane for her amazing phonics, Tedi and Shanae for their imaginative ideas in English, Rosalie for going the extra mile and always reading her online phonics books, Leon for his expressive reading, Livia for trying so hard in every lesson this week, Hallie for giving 100%, Beau for outstanding attitude and effort in all lessons and finally Leah and Lucy for their outstanding independent writing.

A special shout out to all of the girls who played football on Wednesday!

A huge congratulations to Archie who won the 'design a super teacher' competition on World Book Day; his 'Typical Danger' super teacher has meant we now have £50 of book vouchers to spend! Thank you Archie!

Archie's winning entry!

Friday 4th March 2022

Class Dojo Champions: Freddie, Ethan, Harry, Ella L, Bobby, Bridget and Carl.


Stars of the week

Jack W for super writing, Charles for counting in 5's, Annalise for always being kind to others, Mercy for trying hard with her sentences and handwriting, Elliot S for his handwriting, Declan and Elliott for their effort in Maths, Layla and Miley for their effort in everything.

A special mention to Josh F for getting through his swimming trials on Thursday evening and now being allowed to compete in galas as part of the amateur swimming team. Future Olympian!

Friday 11th February 2022

Dojo Champions: Ruby, Harry, Bobby-Joe, Hallie, Alfie, Jack M, Levi and Keean.


Stars of the week: Saffiya for super effort in phonics and her beautiful handwriting, Shanae for trying hard to improve her handwriting, Fleur for super effort with her work this week, Bobby for his brilliant effort in writing, Aaliyah for fantastic effort in Maths, Ella-Maye for always being kind to others.

Special shout-out to Mrs Dunn's phonics group who have worked so hard this week!

Special shout-out to Evie and Connor for reading to everyone in Breakfast Club!

Friday 4th February 2022

Dojo Champions: Lincoln, Rebecca, Grayson, Lewis, Matthew, Naomi and Hope.


Stars of the week:

Logan for his reading, Terri-Mae for writing super fact families, Leon and Elliot S for trying so hard with their handwriting, Mary Jane and Oscar for amazing Maths, Dexter for trying his best with spelling and phonics, Riley M for improvements with his handwriting, Ella L for super division work, Amelia A for working hard in all lessons.


Well done everyone!

Friday 28th January 2022

Dojo Champions: Ivan, Sarah, Carlton, Riley, Lily, Kalli-Jo, Evie, Cerys and Lucy.


Stars of the week:

Grace for her fantastic spelling, phonics, reading and writing, Oliver for his home learning, Oscar for his handwriting, Tyler for his reading, Michael for his fantastic writing, Lyle for his reading, James and Caleb for their amazing writing, Hallie for her reading, Alex for his amazing phonics, Ell-Maye for her writing, Kaden for his effort, particularly in Maths, Jack for his reading, Lucie for her reading and Oliver for his Maths progress.

Another fantastic week everybody! You are the BEST.

Friday 21st January 2022

Dojo Champions: Grayson, Sarah, William, Alicia, Elliott L, Jodie, Carl, Amelia A, Kelly and Sidhak.


Stars of the week:

Harry for working hard on being independent, Ethan for his amazing Maths, Jack for being brave in PE and trying new balances, Isabelle for her story telling voice and reading with expression, Bridget for always giving her best in every lesson, Molly for trying hard with her reading, Kalli-Jo for her excellent Maths work, Max for great responses in each lesson and Amelia H and Leila for being so dedicated when accessing home learning.

It was goodbye to Dilan today - we will all miss him but hope he enjoys his new school.

Friday 14th January 2022

Dojo Champions: William, Carlton, Madison, Ben F, Lola, Leighton and Leah.


Stars of the week:

Jack W for number bonds to 5, Ava and Charles for their instructional writing about making toast, Chloe and Peggy for amazing Maths, Crystal for fantastic Maths, Carl and William for their amazing choices of language in English, Josh F for his Maths work, Broghan for trying hard in all lessons and Jake G for his debating skills.

Well done everyone! Another amazing week!

Friday 7th January 2022

Dojo Champions: Harry, Tyler, Lyle, Karim, Dexter, Evie, Amelia and Clayton


Stars of the Week:

Anna for super number bonds to 3, Helena for super sentences, Aiyla for always following instructions, Esmai for a super week, Jake for trying hard to improve his behaviour, Aston for an amazing week, Kelly for trying hard in all lessons, Oliver for showing resilience in all that he does and Sid and Aiden for their amazing Charleston dance skills.

Friday 3rd December

Dojo Champions: Bobby-Joe, Freddie, Lincoln, Grayson, Mercy, Alex R, Isaac G, Jak, Beau, Kevin and Ellie.


Stars of the week:

Shanae for her phonics, Isaac H for trying hard, Jason for trying so hard with his handwriting and sentences in English, Karim for working so hard on his writing, Carl and William for trying their best all week, Phoebe for joining in with class discussions and answering questions, Stephen for giving 110% in everything he does, Amelia H for her fantastic writing and Lucie for achieving her 25m in swimming.

Special shout-outs to Carly-Mae, Riley and Isaac H!

Friday 19th November

Dojo Champions:

Mary-Jane, Annalise, Riley, Lyle, Darla, Connor, Asia and Katelyn,


Stars of the week: Staff were asked to nominate children who were kind:

Anna, Jack, Madison, Alicia, Jodie, Ella-Maye, Lola, Beau and Grace.


Well done to everyone for a fantastic week!

Friday 12th November

This week, the children created large poppies to lay in Hetton at special services to honour our heroes. Instead of our usual awards assembly, the children took part in a live streamed event, learning all about Armistice Day.

We did have our Dojo Champions as normal:

William, Aiyla, Michael, Ruby, Darla and Evie.

Friday 5th November

Class Dojo Champions:

William, Oliver, Daisy, Isaac, Jak, Thomas and Aiden


Stars of the Week:

Helena and Harry for super Phonics, Charles and Ava for having an excellent attitude and trying so hard, Michael for super Maths work, Jacob for his explanation of how a mountain is formed, Crystal for an amazing first week, Layla for a brilliant first week, Evie for excellent work and being so helpful and Ellie for a great first week.


Special shout outs to:

Jason for his handwriting and Ellie and Carly-Mae for their participation.

Friday 8th October 2021

Class Dojo Champions:

Oscar, Sarah, Jessica, Rebecca, Lola, Ella, Eva and Aiden.


Stars of the week:

Ivan for his amazing phonics, Oscar for really improving his listening and concentration, Grayson for trying really hard all week, Elliot S for fantastic effort in phonics, Phoebe for always trying her best, Leighton for a great week and Jake for always giving 150%.

Special shout-out to Jak and William for being brave on the climbing wall and caving system!


You always make us so proud, well done everyone!

Friday 1st October 2021

Class Dojo Champions:

Freddie, Terri-Mae, Peggy, Bridget, Jak, Stephen, Kevin and Niall.


Stars of the week:

Anna for super descriptive language, Harry for excellent recall and labelling of material properties in Science, Dilan for his fantastic recall of Set 1 sounds, Leon for giving 100% effort in Maths, Lyle for being brave, Darla for her fantastic story, Alexis for working really hard all week, Amelia and Leah for fantastic writing, 

Special shout-out to Iris for her handwriting and to all of Reception for their lovely manners at lunchtime!


So proud of everyone.

Friday 24th September 2021

Dojo Champions

Rosalie, Oliver, Sophia, Elliott L, Archie, Jodie, Jack M, Naomi, Ryan


Stars of the week:

Bobby-Joe for trying so hard to join in and use his voice, Lucy for her brilliant attitude and always following instructions, Riley for trying hard all week with his handwriting, Bridget for being a good role model for her class mates, Hallie for her excellent writing, Lola for always trying her best and following instructions, Jack M for his amazing contribution to his History lesson about Anglo-Saxons and why they invaded Britain, Ronnie for excellent engagement in all lessons.

A special 'shout-out' for Aaliyah for her Maths, Reading and how well she has settled into Opal Class.


Well done everyone - so proud of you all!

Friday 28th May 2021

Celebration assembly


Dojo Champions

Aiyla, Chloe, Lyle, Carl, Hope, Clayton and Leon F.


Stars of the half term:

Isaac for his super phonics, Eliyah for being an absolute pleasure all of the time, Grayson for the progress he has made and effort he's put in, Lily for trying hard in all lessons, Miley for always trying her best, William S for always giving 100% in everything he does, Hope for fantastic PSHCE work, Kevin for always trying his best and having a positive attitude, Asia and Grace for working hard to improve in all lessons, Kyle for improvements made to his reading.


What a super week of learning! Well done everyone!

Happy half-term.

Friday 21st May 2021

Celebration Assembly


Dojo Champions

Tedi, Michael, Madison C, Leon C, Kalli-Jo, Ellie-May, Carly-Mae, Ronnie and Lydia.


Stars of the week:

Ava for a super all round effort this week, Iris for trying hard in all lessons, Alex for his writing, Bridget for her addition and subtraction skills, Jak for persevering with his Maths, Levi for trying hard in Maths, Thomas for improved handwriting, Clayton for performing well in all Maths lessons, Amelia H and Aiden for trying hard all week and producing some great work, Ella E for outstanding Maths work and growing in confidence.



Katelyn for her improved handwriting.

Mrs Dunn's lovely Year 4 group for improved handwriting.

Keean for super writing and trying so hard.

Tyler for trying super hard with his numbers.

Mrs Foster's Year 3 Code group: Josh, Riley, Hallie, Alex and Miley


Well done to everyone - another amazing week where you make us all so proud!


Friday 7th May 2021

Celebration assembly


Class Dojo Champions:

Charles, Leon E, Aaron, Archie, Leo, Sidhak, Keeton and Kaidain.


Stars of the week:

Annalise for settling into our school so well, Iris and Daisy for their writing, all of Year 1 for their effort with their writing this week, Jake W for having an amazing week, Darla for her amazing writing, Evie for fantastic writing and superb choice of vocabulary, Jake S for his outstanding Maths all week, Leila for her writing and topic work this week, Niall for excellent contributions in every lesson and Destiny for the progress she has made since joining us in Year 3 which was displayed in her writing yesterday! 

So proud of everyone as always and it's only been a 4 day week!

Friday 29th April 2021

Celebration assembly


Dojo Champions:

Ava, Lucy, Isabelle, Bobby, Aston, Alexis, Ryan and all of Year 6!


Stars of the week

Tedi for her number bonds to 10 using the tens frame, Michael for his enthusiasm and super effort in Geography, Dilan for having an amazing week, Ben for his effort in reading, Kalli-Jo for her positive attitude, Dexter for his effort in Maths, Alexis for her reading, Cerys for her reading progress, Naomi for her resilience in Maths, Maddison for reading, Lucie and Asia for excellent writing, Carly-Mae for her superb Maths, Emily and Olli for rising to the challenge when skipping.


It's been another fantastic week! Well done everyone!


Friday 23rd April

Celebration assembly winners!


Class Dojo winners:

Jack S, Leon E, Bridget, Lola, Jake S, Thomas, Keeton and Ayla.


Stars of the week:

Sarah and Lucy for their 'Mary, Mary' puppets, Madison and Grayson for their super writing this week, Leon Curry for giving 100% effort and working well in groups with his friends, Jodie for her amazing paragraph in English, Hope for trying hard all week in every lesson, Leo for his spellings, Katelyn for giving 100% in everything she does, Oliver for his Reading Plus achievements and Sophie and Elli for setting up and running a lunchtime yoga club.


You are all amazing and we are so proud of everyone!

Friday 16th April

Award winners!


Class Dojo Champions:

Amelia A, Grace, Leon E, Michael, Lewis, Eliyah, Kevin, Rebecca and Ella E.


Maths superstars!

Lucie for super understanding of decimals, Logan for super counting forwards and backwards to 20, Josh F for his place value knowledge, Terri-Mae and Ava for super effort in Maths, Jack M for excellent problem solving, Lily for partitioning numbers and Luke B for his work on place value


Stars of the week:

Leah for excellent batting skills in cricket, Riley L for his effort and behaviour, Ella-Maye for always trying her best and being the first to help her friends, Carlton and Romeo for good behaviour at home and in school, Eva and Connor D, Elliott L for trying so hard with his handwriting, Logan for fantastic vocabulary and Lennon for 100% effort all week


All of Year 1 got a mention for their amazing effort in writing!

Mrs Dunn wanted an extra special mention for Kaden - spelling and Thomas - handwriting.


Well done to everyone!

Friday 26th March 2021

Celebration assembly


Well done to all of our award winners this week!


Dojo Champions:

Tedi, Amiya, Michael, Bridget, Darla, Ellie-May, Carly-Mae and Kaidain.


Stars of the week:

Carlton for trying hard to be on time and with his phonics, Fleur has tried hard all week, Elliott has also tried hard all week, Bridie for being a role model to others, Max for his brilliant attitude, Asia and Ryan whose confidence has grown all week and all of the Year 6 girls for their maturity and for being an absolute pleasure to have in school.


Maths stars:

Charles, Niomi, Sophia, Caleb, Carl, Leighton, Leila, Grace and Ella.


So proud of you all as always!

Friday 19th March 2021

Celebration assembly


Adults in school have nominated children for 3 different awards this week - Dojo Champion, Start of the week and Mathemagician of the week (number bonds focus)


The winners are:

Dojo Champions:

Tedi, Cadie, Saffron, Jodie, Cerys, Jake, Niall, Clayton and Elli-Mae.


Stars of the week:

Oscar for supper manners, Amiya for the effort she has put in this week, Dilan for his reading, James for trying so hard with his reading, Hallie for her effort in Reading, Lewis has amazing handwriting, Amelia A for her Maths ability, Ellie-May for using wow factor vocabulary in her writing, Amelia H for PE this week, Sidhak for great handwriting, Clayton for his Maths, Lydia for producing wow factor writing, Lekisha for giving 100% effort all week and Joel gets a special mention for his work on fractions, decimals and percentages.


Number bond awards:

Zak R for number bonds to 5, all of Y1 for number bonds to 10 with a special mention to Fleur for her effort and determination, Bridget, William, Josh and Evie for number bonds to 100, Zak G and Oliver and finally Ayla for number bonds with decimals.


Well done everyone! You make #TeamHetton so proud of you x

100% Attendance awards


A Star Attendance have launched a competition in school starting this week! Any child who has 100% attendance for a school week receives a raffle ticket and all of these raffle tickets go into a prize box. At the end of this half term, one ticket will be drawn at random and that child wins......their very own KINDLE!!!!


In school this week, 99 children had 100% attendance!!!!!! Well done to everyone - your raffle ticket is now in the prize box.

Good luck next week!

Week 1 Superstars!


We have only been back for 3 days and already our children are amazing us! Adults were asked to nominate children who had 1) impressed them this week and 2) been kind to others.

So proud of all of you who were nominated this week!


Look who impressed their new teacher:

Sarah K, Cadie, Livia, Jacob, Kalli-Jo, Leo, Sidhak, all of Year 5, Zak G, Kyle, Emily, Olli, Carly-Mae, Luke S and Ayla!


Well done to all of you who have been kind this week:

Terri-Mae, Sophia, Rebecca, Darla, Leighton, Amelia H, Asia, all of the girls in Year 6!

Hetton Heroes - 31st January 2020

Another wonderful week comes to a close with us celebrating our achievements. We were joined in assembly by our Chair of Governors, Mrs Wren, who really enjoyed seeing the children's enjoyment and excitement. She loved the way we are all so supportive of each other and genuinely pleased for our friends when they do well. Oh and she loved the singing!! Well done everyone.

Our Hetton Heroes this week have all showed their teachers that they are working hard to be the BEST that they can be - great examples to us all. Keep it up - Jack, Leila, Grace, Lucie. Sid, Jodie, Kirsten, Isaac, Esmai, Luke, Bridget, John and Ryan.

A special mention to John for being such an expert and super Scout member - perfectly advertising his scout group who are looking for new members!

Hetton Heroes - 24th January 2020


Huge well done to the following children for working their socks off this week and really impressing the adults in school! Leila, Jacob, Leon, Ella, Dexter, Faith, Lucy, Kaiden, Grace, Maddison, Carly-Mae; we are so proud of you all! 



Latest Accolades

We are delighted to have been awarded the Bronze Mental Health Charter Mark which we picked up recently at a very glamorous awards ceremony at Southwick Primary School. We are proud of the work we do everyday in ensuring that our children know and remember the 5 winning ways to well-being: Be Active, Keep Learning, Connect, Notice and Give.


Every staff member has been trained by Stonewall to empower us to tackle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in schools. This has been really useful as we look to implement the changes to the PSHCE curriculum this year, ready for September 2020. Look out for our different families, same love display coming soon.