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Friday 26th March 2021

Celebration assembly


Well done to all of our award winners this week!


Dojo Champions:

Tedi, Amiya, Michael, Bridget, Darla, Ellie-May, Carly-Mae and Kaidain.


Stars of the week:

Carlton for trying hard to be on time and with his phonics, Fleur has tried hard all week, Elliott has also tried hard all week, Bridie for being a role model to others, Max for his brilliant attitude, Asia and Ryan whose confidence has grown all week and all of the Year 6 girls for their maturity and for being an absolute pleasure to have in school.


Maths stars:

Charles, Niomi, Sophia, Caleb, Carl, Leighton, Leila, Grace and Ella.


So proud of you all as always!

Friday 19th March 2021

Celebration assembly


Adults in school have nominated children for 3 different awards this week - Dojo Champion, Start of the week and Mathemagician of the week (number bonds focus)


The winners are:

Dojo Champions:

Tedi, Cadie, Saffron, Jodie, Cerys, Jake, Niall, Clayton and Elli-Mae.


Stars of the week:

Oscar for supper manners, Amiya for the effort she has put in this week, Dilan for his reading, James for trying so hard with his reading, Hallie for her effort in Reading, Lewis has amazing handwriting, Amelia A for her Maths ability, Ellie-May for using wow factor vocabulary in her writing, Amelia H for PE this week, Sidhak for great handwriting, Clayton for his Maths, Lydia for producing wow factor writing, Lekisha for giving 100% effort all week and Joel gets a special mention for his work on fractions, decimals and percentages.


Number bond awards:

Zak R for number bonds to 5, all of Y1 for number bonds to 10 with a special mention to Fleur for her effort and determination, Bridget, William, Josh and Evie for number bonds to 100, Zak G and Oliver and finally Ayla for number bonds with decimals.


Well done everyone! You make #TeamHetton so proud of you x

100% Attendance awards


A Star Attendance have launched a competition in school starting this week! Any child who has 100% attendance for a school week receives a raffle ticket and all of these raffle tickets go into a prize box. At the end of this half term, one ticket will be drawn at random and that child wins......their very own KINDLE!!!!


In school this week, 99 children had 100% attendance!!!!!! Well done to everyone - your raffle ticket is now in the prize box.

Good luck next week!

Week 1 Superstars!


We have only been back for 3 days and already our children are amazing us! Adults were asked to nominate children who had 1) impressed them this week and 2) been kind to others.

So proud of all of you who were nominated this week!


Look who impressed their new teacher:

Sarah K, Cadie, Livia, Jacob, Kalli-Jo, Leo, Sidhak, all of Year 5, Zak G, Kyle, Emily, Olli, Carly-Mae, Luke S and Ayla!


Well done to all of you who have been kind this week:

Terri-Mae, Sophia, Rebecca, Darla, Leighton, Amelia H, Asia, all of the girls in Year 6!

Hetton Heroes - 31st January 2020

Another wonderful week comes to a close with us celebrating our achievements. We were joined in assembly by our Chair of Governors, Mrs Wren, who really enjoyed seeing the children's enjoyment and excitement. She loved the way we are all so supportive of each other and genuinely pleased for our friends when they do well. Oh and she loved the singing!! Well done everyone.

Our Hetton Heroes this week have all showed their teachers that they are working hard to be the BEST that they can be - great examples to us all. Keep it up - Jack, Leila, Grace, Lucie. Sid, Jodie, Kirsten, Isaac, Esmai, Luke, Bridget, John and Ryan.

A special mention to John for being such an expert and super Scout member - perfectly advertising his scout group who are looking for new members!

Hetton Heroes - 24th January 2020


Huge well done to the following children for working their socks off this week and really impressing the adults in school! Leila, Jacob, Leon, Ella, Dexter, Faith, Lucy, Kaiden, Grace, Maddison, Carly-Mae; we are so proud of you all! 



Latest Accolades

We are delighted to have been awarded the Bronze Mental Health Charter Mark which we picked up recently at a very glamorous awards ceremony at Southwick Primary School. We are proud of the work we do everyday in ensuring that our children know and remember the 5 winning ways to well-being: Be Active, Keep Learning, Connect, Notice and Give.


Every staff member has been trained by Stonewall to empower us to tackle homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in schools. This has been really useful as we look to implement the changes to the PSHCE curriculum this year, ready for September 2020. Look out for our different families, same love display coming soon.